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STAR WARS Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy review
by MeZev

Great: Multiplayer mode
Awful: Difficulty and balance (should the final confrontation be this easy?)
Total: Jedi Knight Outcast still much much better.

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I loved this game for its simple yet intense story and amazing lightsaber combat mechanics. Jedi abilities didn't felt all that good, but the combat with lightsaber was exceptional.

It has not too much replayability, because story-wise is not too complex, but it felt so good to finish it the first time.

Have to say that it aged really well being an old game.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
So... I've been thinking for a long time about how to build the Review to this Game, but I think I'm trying to keep myself short. So, first of all my personal Opinion: This Game is one of the best Games of all Time. And I mean by that at all, not just in the Star Wars Territory. And it is also not for nothing the Game, the Continuation of which I have been waiting for 15 Years and will probably have to wait further and further. I also have more than 2 Hours of Play, as I have played without Steam before. In total, I played through the Game around 20 Times. Story in Short The Player takes on the Role of Jaden Korr. Jaden is powerfully sensitive and gets an Education in Luke's Jedi Praxeum on Yavin IV. (Anyone who wonders what this is: That's what happened in the EU Before you thought to yourself that you'd rather portray Luke as a Child Killer.) Tavion, on the other Hand, known from Jedi Outcast as Desann's Schoolgirl, taps into Power at the Temple right away. Under Kyle Katarn and Luke'S Supervision, one progresses in his Training, followed by 1-2 Twists, until one finally finally faces Tavion. But the End is not clear, because you have a Key Sequence in the Game where you can decide whether to fight for the light or dark side of the Force, which also affects the Outcome of the Story and the Final Battle. What Tavion is up to with the Power energy, I'm not going to reveal. Graphic The younger Generation will probably talk about the fact that you can hardly look at it, but I think that as game still looks good today. But I cannot say Much about the Subject. With a little Trick you also get a wide screen resolution, but you can quickly find that on the Internet. Gameplay As mentioned above, you can experience Jaden Korr's Training as a Jedi. If you Start a new Game, you can first determine the Difficulty. After that, you get into the character editor. There you can define Species and Gender of Kaden. Man, Rodian, Twi 'lek, Plus the skin Color and clothing That the Character is supposed to wear in the Game. After that, you can assemble your Lightsaber. Actually, you just set the Handle and the Color, from both there is a great Selection. After the Tutorial you can choose your Missions. These lead to places known to many and sometimes unknown. Tatooine, Coruscant, Nar Shaddaa or even a Visit to Vader's Fortress on Vjun. In between, missions come along that push the Story further. However, even the "Side Missions" always have their own small Act and never get boring, because there is always a new Goal. Sometimes you have to defuse a Bomb on a moving Train, then again recover a Droid from the Clutches of the Jawas and Tusks, or track down and face an imperial Dealer. After the Missions, one is then free to decide which Power one wants to improve. There are some who are "natural" and automatically get better over time, such as the Leap in power, the Sword defence, Etc. This is followed by bright and dark Power Forces. Healing, Protection, Lightning and Stranglehold, for Example, which can be improved three Times each. If you shoot a short Flash at The Opponent At Lightning Level 1, you can unleash a Lightning Thunderstorm from your Hands at Level 3 like the Emperor personally. You can learn The dark Kräftec even if you still want to stay on the bright Side. That's how you can adapt to your Style of Play. If you go far enough in the Story, what I've always missed in Star Wars Games before comes: You're allowed to build a new Lightsaber, and then you're also allowed to decide whether you're just leading one, two Hoverers or a double-sided Lightsaber alla Darth Maul Want what also affects the Fighting Style. Multiplayer Honestly, I don't know if it still works today. Multiplayer Mode offers normal Game Modes such as Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch or Free for All. All sorts of Things can be set, such as "no Power Juices" or "Lightsaber only." Conclusion I myself am really a very big Fan of the entire Jedi Knight series, this Part is for me playfully just a great Masterpiece, especially because there are no flashy Bugs, the Game has never crashed me and it offers a great Lightsaber Fight that plays its way up and on the action. I really, really much hope that my Desire for a Sequel will not always remain an Airlock.
 It’s my favorite Star Wars game just because I actually feel like a Jedi here. Yes, the plot is not as deep as in JK Outcast but the gameplay was improved and the multiplayer mode here is awesome. It’s nice to see familiar places from the original trilogy too.