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by Tzeelim

It doesn’t make any sense for me. Gameplay is very repetitive and doesn’t offer almost anything. It’s just an abstract game about exploration - I don’t even have anything else to say.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Positive Features: Funny at first Glance (Animal moving at a 90 Degree angle) control works Graphically without Any problems it probably fits the "Setting" negative Features: Who can't do anything with philisophical Themes, abstract Art or Surreal (like me), Here is completely wrong I must confess, I have imagined something completely different under an "Interactive Nature simulation." What awaited me here was something completely abstract, surreal with a lot of Philosphy and modern software art. Unfortunately, I can't do the Slightest thing, For me games have to be "tangible." I could have exactly 5 Minutes of "Fun" with the game by rejoicing in the funny Animals that overlap forward like a stiff Cardboard box at a 90-Degree angle (Rather than running normally). That's actually good for some Laughs, thank you for that! What this has now for a philosphic Meaning is unclear to me, and frankly never so, since, as I said, I can't do anything with such Issues. Honestly, I would never go to an art museum, but I would never go to a natural history museum. Something in that Style I was expecting. So unfortunately a negative of me, but it is remarkable how many People are on something like that and can do with it ^^ I also recorded a Let's Play in my YouTube channel:
Translated by
Microsoft from French
I really recommend for those who are lovers of surprising and atmospheric videogaming experiences! A game that allows to embody many things (polar bear, plants, mushrooms, bacteria, viruses, rocks, elemental particles, clusters of stars, galaxies, clusters of dark matter, planets, stars, continents, abstract forms etc.) and to to project, to regroup, to dance and to dialogue with these things... It is very poetic and convincing as experience! One can regret the not crazy animations of certain things (bears and mammoths that roll on themselves to move, even if it's fun), an ergonomics sometimes perfectible (in free camera) and a Visual coating that could have been a little more pushed, but the music and Conference excerpts from Alan Watts well support the whole (it is better to have a correct level in English because the Conference is not translated, unlike the rest of the game)! A small yellow card still for the keys of the keyboard not reconfigurable (must think to switch to QWERTY before launching the game)! Balance sheet, it's really good, maybe more in small game sessions once the General principles of the game have been integrated (i.e. a full scale rotation from the infinitely small to the infinitely large, or vice versa), I just discovered a planet alien with an acid flora and fauna and I already want to go back and catalog it all! :) Runs very well under Linux (Kubuntu 18.04, nVidia proprietary drivers)! :) Edit: there are also tardigrades! #NousSachons;)
I’m fond of collecting everything so I like this game. It’s quite simple but grabs your attention after a few minutes of playing. It is also very strange, so be ready.