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Guild of Dungeoneering review
by Jorian Rutten

Guild of Dungeoneering is a well-crafted and good quality indie-game. The visuals and audio are charming, and make the game very appealing. But the gameplay suffers hugely from randomized elements all throughout. And while you can overcome these challenges with experience, in the early-game these randomized elements rarely feel fair, and lead to a lot of frustration.

Guild of Dungeoneering is a rogue-lite, turn-based dungeon crawler. The game consists of levels (dungeons), which the player can send a dungeoneer into. The player creates the dungeon themselves, by laying down 'tiles' they get from cards, and placing treasure and monsters on top of them. The dungeoneer then moves, based on the content around them. As soon as the dungeoneer meets a monster, they enter a fight. In these turn-based fights, the player and the monster play cards from their hand, which have defensive/offensive abilities. If the player survives the fight, become stronger, and can move on. If they don't, the level is over.

The game is fairly easy to play, and can be played in short bursts. Every dungeon only takes between five and fifteen minutes, and the visuals and audio provide a consistent and humorous tone that suits the game well. Hoever, after two hours of play I abandoned Guild of Dungeoneering.

At that point I realised that I was not having fun, and that with every dungeoneer I lost, I got more frustrated. This was largely in part to the fact that most losses seemed unavoidable. Simply getting the wrong cards, tiles or equipment for your situation happens too frequently, and will cost many a dungeoneer their life. And although the game explicitly tells you that your dungeoneers will die, and that this is to be expected, that does not make it any more fun. In the beginning, the novel idea of making your own dungeons, and playing through them stays engaging, but it quickly loses its charm. The game lacks a sense of progression. Although there are plenty of 'guild expansions' to buy, he player isn't offered any tangible goals which will help them face the odds in the dungeon. 

This accumulating frustration, together with a lack of goals, and progress, eventually lead me to stop playing Guild of Dungeoneering. The game offers a lot of quality content, but falls apart in the core of it's gameplay. From my point of few I cannot wholeheartedly recommend this game, although it is definitely worth trying out.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Okay, after three Hours you can give the Game a Thumbs up, because for a newly released Game it's definitely what I hoped for. +-Random generated Dungeons and Pathways-Funny Artwork-Incredibly good Soundtrack-Turn-based gameplay with Rougle-Like Elements-High replay/Addiction Character--Man notices that it has just been released-Gameplay, For example, you can use your Character in the Dungeon does not control Gameplay Man starts in the randomly generated Dungeon with a Set of Maps, which you use to gloss your Way through the dangerous Places. Mostly the Goal is to arrive somewhere, so and so many Mobs to kill or, of course, to make a Boss the Hell hot. Yes, I know that sounds boring, but I would ask you to observe the first Sentence: YOU build your Dungeon. With Traps, Monsters and Black and Nu---... You know what I mean. Sure, you could build a Path to the Boss directly, but in most Cases that will only bring you a quick Death, because you have to rearm yourself in every Dungeon, otherwise you will be in front of the bad Boys without Clothes. In the Beginning, by the way, you also get your own Burg/Guild, depending on the one you have to build yourself. For this you then have to go into the Dungeons and collect Gold, which in turn speaks against the direct self-built way, because otherwise you get little to no Reward. With this Gold you can then upgrade your Castle in Strength, Magic and Utility and finally have the thickest Base in The Country. If that's not even cool. Fight As mentioned, Guild of Dungeoneering Is a turn-based game. At the beginning of each Fight, you get different Cards that you can use to Either Attack or Block. Depending on who you fight against, you or your Opponent also have passive Abilities that can be to your Detriment or Advantage. By the Way, it is precisely this random factor in the Fight that makes sure that you often bite into the grass, which could upset you, but it doesn't, because it was ultimately your Mistake because there is always a Way to win if you get enough of the Fight. Has led. If you die, however, this is not a national Day of Mourning, because then a new Character will appear, which you can name on a whim. By the Way, you can also visit your deceased heroes to the Cemetery and watch your best Run. Music Here is the best Part of the Game, the Soundtrack is guuut. Very funny and every Success is honoured with its own Bard rhyme. So you always feel like the biggest, even if 390 Barbarians have gone on for the Quest. Current Assessment: 8/10
Translated by
Microsoft from Swedish
I dont usually play turn based games. I especially usually dont play any sort of card games, but after researching this game a lot I decided to pony up and buy it. BEST.DECISION.EVER. I played through the whole game and all the content packs. Beat the game... They have the exact right balance between keeping turn based fun and exciting and making the card part of it really fun. Lots of different classes to unlock with a lot of different variety. The maps are unique and have special monsters, makes you think which class to use and where. My only problem, which isnt a huge problem, if that I would have liked to be able to keep and switch out the gear I get on my characters. The other problem is that it is hard to see which things you have already bought for your guild. There is a faint blue border, but it is really hard to see. So! If all I can complain about is the border color of purchased things in your guild, then you know it has to be an awesome game. Devs! I hope other games follow your example and create more quality games like yours, great work!!!
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Touching, intuitive, fun, funny, addictive, ... this game is part of these games terribly simple ... so the possibilities of infinite game. Extremely intuitive, we understand very quickly the mechanism of this game (normal, it is simple) And we end up surprising to scan all the possible abilities (all the spell cards) The principle is that we do not control our heroes. We must direct them by placing appts (monsters, treasures, ...) so that they do not go to throw themselves in the mouth of the wolf (the boss who will only a mouth of him). In case of death (and there will be many!), New heroes come to take the free seat (the crevices !!) The combat system is also simple: you fight with spell cards, turn-based. There are heros with starting abilities (spell cards) that improve over the equipment found. We can then develop different strategies: aggro, control (full heal with alchemists, ...), burst (we accumulate attack spells to lick everything when the opponent has no cards protecting him). Frankly, this game is a marvel for any card game lover like munchkin, magic the gathering or fan of naheulbeuk. Special mention la mathemagicienne! Frankly, I'm getting fed up with this game! Thank you for this wonder!