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Stellaris review
by Tzeelim

The developers seem to not understand how the finished project has to look like. They change it all the time so I can’t form any opinion about this game. I can’t say it is good or not. So if you’re ready to spend 40$ on a beta, go on. But better wait till the devs figure out what they want this game to be.

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This is where my bias towards science fiction shows, given Stellaris's rating over CK2. I absolutely adore this game. The variety of playstyles is numerous, and to quote my Steam review, when you add in mods from the community, that number becomes countless. That's not to say the vanilla game isn't enjoyable in and of itself, of course. Whether you want to declare war on all other life or create a long-lasting galactic peace, you can achieve those dreams and many more in Stellaris.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Never before had Humans been so far from home. The small Expedition Team of the "Aurora" saw Earth for the Last Time before disappearing behind the giant Saturn. The Occupation was Part of the biggest Journey in Human History to Date. Years earlier, the first FTL drive was unveiled in a Russian Lab. Russia, which was neutral between the Fronts of a looming U.S.-China war, invested vast Amounts of Capital in space travel these Days at the End of the 22nd century. The Aurora was the Result. As the first Ship, it was to illuminate the Darkness of interstellar space and travel to the neighboring Alpha Centauri solar system. Only a few Weeks should the Jump last and, should the Ship reach its Destination, take Science to a new Level. And perhaps, at least some hoped, what Aurora would discover would prevent The great War, thereby saving humanity from Self-annihilation. For Three Weeks, the Aurora had been traveling through Hyperspace, faster than anything else man knew. If everything went smoothly, the Ship would now have to arrive in the Alpha Centauri system. The Humanity waited Anxiously in front of its Screens, which was to transmit a Lift image From the Aurora as soon As it had reached Underlight speed. Then the Screens flickered. A Picture appeared. Space was on display. Deep Blackness with small bright Dots. The Camera turned. Two Suns appeared on the Edge. Aurora had arrived. Ten Days later, everything was supposed to change. The Government of Russia interrupted the current livestream with a Broadcast Of the utmost Urgency. What should be announced would change everything forever. A few Days ago, the Aurora reached a weak Radio Signal. So weak that it had initially been ignored. But the Signal grew stronger. Scientists on Earth managed to detect a Systematics. A Little later, the Signal was decrypted. It was a randomly Applied Lead signal of a Spaceport designed to steer ships to the correct Trajectory. The Aurora had irrefutably proved the Existence of another intelligent Species outside Earth. What happened in the next Few years can be summarized under the Terms "Peace" and "Departure." "Peace" because after a short Time any efforts of the Nations of the Earth were abandoned to wage war. It seemed far too important to almost everyone to break into the unknown Expanses and invest everything in them. The Countries of the Earth soon merged into a single major Democracy, the United Human Empire. Eight Hundred years later. The Empire is on the Zenith Of its Power. 67 inhabited Worlds are Part of the Empire and hundreds are uninhabited. 17 Species live in it, many Trillion in total, but only 20% of Them are humans. Although the Realm may look strong to the outside world, it is on the Verge of Collapse inside. The many foreign Species are fed up with the Subjugation by Humans-Separation movements tear apart the Empire from Within. The Situation is Also just on the Side of foreign Policy: There has been a cold War in the Galaxy for a hundred Years. The Agreement of Peace, of which the United Human Empire is the Main Member, faces the Stellar Pact. Each Side claims one Half of the Galaxy. The only Reason that has so far prevented war is that both Parties have weapons that can wipe out entire Solar Systems with Ease and billions of Beings at the Touch of a Button. A War between the two would only produce Losers. Space has not brought Peace to Man, only more War. Stories like this played out in my Head while I was playing Stellaris. Most of it is, if anything, only found in Text Windows or in the Gameplay itself. If you get into it, you can experience compelling Stories in Stellari's. And even if not, it's a damn good Strategy game.
This game is something between Sins of a Solar Empire and Civilization but more attention is paid to storytelling and RPG elements. I like how different species configurations affect the entire game so you get a whole new experience every time. The random-map scripting is nice too. The game is updating often and I don’t know all the changes but in general, I guess, this game is very good.