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Mulaka review
by TheTreeMan

Not terrible, certainly a nice change from all the pixel art games on the Nintendo eShop right now. But it's a little bit basic and it's story didn't really hold my attention.

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Microsoft from Spain
* Analysis from a Low-End computer (laptop) * Intel Core I3 2350M @ 2.3 GHz 8 GB Ram Intel HD Graphics 3000 (: ' C) My first impressions of Mulaka (Game I've been following since his first sketches), were that it is a game with a very solid base, I like the History in which this environment, and as a Mexican I am, I was proud that one of our cultures was taken to video games worldwide. Buy the game in its launch day, because although I ran as I wanted (Thanks a lot to the Canvas team that took the hassle of optimizing as much as possible the game (Thank You Adolfo Aguirre, my dad if he could run;D)), I felt a personal obligation D and support them, not only to them, but to the Mexican video game Industry, as this will open the doors to national studies that want to advance and position themselves in this environment more professionally. I showed the game to friends and colleagues who had also followed the development, and seeing his face of emotion, only with that is paid the price of the game, which is not much compared to other titles. Now, based on my experience the first 30 minutes of the game the good:-I love the soundtrack, is quiet but has its moments of tension, besides knowing that is regional music of the area, makes you feel more immersed in the battle. -The tutorial of the first area, is simple, explains the basic concepts without much problem. -The graphics, which although due to my team are not the big thing, do not prevent you can follow the story, and that is something that I value a lot. -The total weight of the game is not much, therefore I did not have to delete games from my library to be able to enjoy this title. The bad:-(This is very related to my computer) The change between the highest level of quality and the lowest, is not very large, and therefore does not affect both the performance of the game in terms of fps (5-6 fps difference). -The game punishes you a lot if you do not calculate your actions: fighting against several enemies, and make the animations between blows are so long, makes it easier for them to hit you in group, quickly reducing your life bars and a quick GAME OVER , and especially in this part, using an object of healing, does not help you at all if you are atance, on the contrary, they do more damage, then practically makes it impossible that you can heal if necessary in the midst of a battle. So soon those are my opinions about MULAKA, I will update my analysis based on my progress in the game. If YOU Read up here, thank YOU VERY MUCH;) And all there on Canvas, THANK YOU!.
The game is very well-made, but I feel combat needed some more work. Between the lack of a lock on and the long animations, combat can be cumbersome at times. I wasn't prepared for the problem solving by chaining together abilities to attack bosses, and wish I knew that ahead of time rather than looking up how to solve bosses. Maybe this game is hard because it's easy to lose health points, and hard to restore your health during battle waves. Or maybe it's easy because you get to replenish your health between battles and can combine abilities in a way that seemed like cheating. Overall the game is good if you want an almost-Windwaker-esq game.