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Oxygen Not Included review
by KawaiiMuaii

Some gameplay features completely ruin the game or, at least, make it frustrating. In this game you need to survive in space; all part of the mechanisms you make must work together as one, without any mistakes - but your colonists don’t follow your orders. When you need to do something urgent, they may decide that another action is more important - and that’s all. So every time you want to save your colonists, they prevent you from it. Well, it’s their choice - or the choice of the devs to save money on AI.

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review A demanding Game. In the Struggle for Survival (and that's where it starts with the oxygen that doesn't contain), it's necessary to think carefully about what should happen next. Time must not be wasted, Resources must be used carefully. Care must also be taken to ensure when you are allowed to grow. Spread too quickly can end in the fact that not enough is there for everyone, and consequently everything collapses into itself. Life at the Limit here is the Be all and End all. If you fancy a survival game, where it is not the Goal to protect yourself from Hordes of Monsters, but from the Corpability of Nature, is served here! And apart from that: The Game is very Special in graphically. Really very lovingly designed. That Game is still in Development and is constantly being developed by the Developers. Praise to the Team!
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review Oxygen Not Included is a Space Colony simulation Game with a certain Claim to physical Data and Accuracy. The Game is by the Developers KLEI, who have also developed Don'S Starve. This Similarity and Quality must be immediately noticed. One of the few Alpha Or Early Access games that I Think is already worthwhile. PRO:-a lot of Updates (a lot of screws here)-for an early (Alpha and now Early Access) readable Version already extensive with Research, personalities, Physics, exploration etc.-great And Funny graphics and Animations (Howling Cramps, Abdominal Pain and Handed ^^)-high Replayability (procedurally generated world, very large Map)-large game world (a visible Monitor Kingdom about 5% of the whole world), very high and deep-different Biomes and also Asteroid Surface (Ice, Iron, Magma, crystal, Mucus ect .) -a Mixture of Star and Terraria/Starbound-great individual Personalities (also with individual Clothing)-Difficulty increases with the Duration of the Game and The Number of Duplicators (Residents)-stable For a first Alpha, now Early Access CONTRA:- Some Sound (even if rare) are not quite right-isolated Bugs (Abilities that cancel each other, invisible Surfaces that you mine Infinitely)-no Tutorial but this is ok, as you are introduced by small Tasks and Needs, in the Beginning the Colony is Small but the Difficulty grows over Time-hopefully Multiplayer-research could be expanded even further-more Creatures would be great Conclusion: The high Quality is already noticeable with an already relatively stable and extensive alpha (now Early Access) Version. The Potential can be further expanded, Updates come regularly and at good Intervals and more Game Content should not be long in coming. Buy Recommendation: YES! If you don't want to make a decision yet, you can strengthen yourself with my Let's Play: All Information about the Early Access Start and the Agricultural Update: Playlist with several Updates: Info videos about the Updates:
To survive in this game you have to think over your way several steps further. Every map has a new challenge for you, so you need to be smart to survive in this game. You can use different resources to complete various challenges and to adapt and learn all the time. So it’s a good game if you want to test yourself. There are some bugs, but I understand it’s a game in Early Access and hope, the problems will be fixed.