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Star Wars: Republic Commando review
by Brahmaputra

The single campaign in this game is done just in the way it must be. I’ve completed the game on both normal and hard difficulty, and I can say that once you understand what weapon to use and get used to the controls, the games becomes easier. I enjoyed every second of playing it. The multiplayer here is not such great but Republic Commando stays the best Star Wars shooter to play solo.

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Shameless Halo re-skin with zero variety and zero player reward.  Unfortunately I actually ended up playing half of the game XD.  Occasionally you get a rush when the Star Wars music starts to play and some LAAT battleships fly above your head, but as a huge fan of the Prequels and Clone Wars I could not be bothered to ever finish it.
This game doesn’t stood the test of time. It has so many problems that only hardcore Star Wars fans will enjoy (because they like everything SW themed, I guess). 

-the lack of ammo;

-you can’t pick up droids’ weapons;

-too few enemy types, so the combat becomes repetitive soon;

-the story is not involving;

-the game looks and sounds old even for 2005.