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Project Nimbus: Code Mirai review
by KawaiiMuaii

This is an average games with some problems. The story is weak, the controls are awkward, some levels are done horribly. I wanted more actually battles but all I got was a few moments of epicness among a field of bore. The gameplay is done realistic with these cool-off periods if you’re out of ammo but I can’t say it’s a good feature. The action stops at these moments. The need to evade attacks while reloading also makes this game unplayable for those who have problems with controls. I think, except some great moments, this game will be a torture for most of the players.

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This game will be an enjoyable experience for everyone who likes flying, huge robots and laser swords as a weapon. This things blend in a weird mix and make lots of fun together. The gameplay here is comfortable, with responsive controls, so if you’re OK with the story and missions, which are quite strange here, you’ll love this game.
If you, just like me, are upset with the cancelling of Zone of the Enders 3, this title will cheer you up. As soon as you get used to the controls, this small indie project will feel like a real AAA game. I wish the game would be longer but it’s great anyway.