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by Jake A. Strife

I was a fan of Digimon when it first airedin the US. I think I watched only the first couple seasons, however. So, I bought this game a while back, and it's been sitting on my digital shelf for a long time. I finally decided to play it, and to my surprise it hooked me--Enough so to get the Platinum trophy (*which I usually WANT to do...if I can). 

The game features a wealth of different Digimon, and an interesting storyline. The battle system wasn't too bad--Classis turn-based (which I love). My only complaint, is that the trees of Digivolution are confusing as hell. A single Digimon can turn into several others, and then it branches out again and again. I like Pokemon's system, where (most) Pokemon evolve into one certain species. It helps to keep track of which ones you have! But pure chaos.

Despite this, the story was great, and I look forward to playing the sequel, "A Hacker's Memory".