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Cry of Fear review
by Top Dawger

Cry of Fear is amazing psychological game that presses you on with its frustrating atmosphere. It’s really scary and done very well for a free-to-play Steam game. If you want another experience from the game, try to play it in co-op - you’ll laugh a lot.  
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«Better with friends»

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I'm kind of confused why co-op is such a highlighted aspect of this game in its store descriptions. It's a feature, for certain extra maps, but from what I played they weren't anywhere near as fun as the singleplayer game. Treat it like a tacked on bonus...

Cry of Fear's singleplayer campaign ranked pretty high up for me alongside games like Fatal Frame or Resident Evil 4. It's definitely a lot more lacking in polish, but not as much as you'd think for beginning as a HL1 mod. On the one hand, you have things like missed clicks in custom menus, but on the other the authors have gone so far as to completely replace HL1's ladder climbing system to better suit the feel of the game.

The writing is not excellent, but it covers the theme of depression; what is for many a sensitive and personal topic. It doesn't do it quite as well as masters like Silent Hill, but it's pretty respectful and may have even come from direct experience.

The game's length and variety, as well as its constant self-twisting of corridors and open areas, surprised me at times for when I was expecting a pretty basic game. This involves boss battles, many cutscenes, branching endings, and even a bonus mode after finishing the game. I remember consulting some guides to find my way through a few times, but others might enjoy the sprawling traversal. Be warned that there's not really many gameplay systems available for those who use too many resources at once (eg bullets) or who don't have extra saves on record in case something really bad happens. In many ways it's one of the more classic survival games.

Finally, a note on graphics and animation - obviously, they're out of date in today's age, but for a horror game, I think that actually works very well. Creatures that don't move quite "right" unsettle me perfectly, and maintained a consistent creepy vibe in the game.
«Beaten more than once»
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Microsoft from French
Overall rating: 18/20 graphics: ☐ even God does not come to their ankle ☐ excellent ☑ good ☐ acceptable ☐ Moches ☐ to vomit playability: ☑ this game has a sick playability!!! ☐ Playable without difficulty ☐ controls difficult to take in hand but not completely unplayable ☐ unplayable ☐ why this button corresponds to this ACTION??? THEY COULD NOT DO LIKE OTHER GAMES??? Service life: ☐ no one has yet managed to finish this game ☐ good ☑ at the limit of the acceptable: we are not scammed compared to the price but it could have been a little longer ☐ it smells a little like the mouth , we stay on its end ☐ this is from the scam ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥!!! I FINISHED THE GAME IN NOT EVEN AN HOUR!!! Soundtrack (sound effects and music): ☑ Mozart and Beethoven have competition! ☐ Good overall ☐ average, we stay in classic but it still goes ☐ ridiculous ☐ was it done with the butt? Screenplay: ☑ never seen, Bravo the artist! ☐ Fairly well tied ☐ acceptable but no more ☐ badly screwed ☐ even my rear back grandmother has already seen a scenario like this value for money: ☐ the game would be more expensive than it would not pose a problem ☐ good report ☐ it's all right but it's happening ☐ it's going to UT better wait a promotion ☐ even the promotion is too expensive, expect a bundle ☐ pay me and I may play
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Microsoft from French
By the time we have resident evil, F.E.A.R. R or even amnesia an "alien" appears. The latter I named it cry of fear. A free mod of the first half-life engine putting us in the skin of Simon a Swedish teenager/major. The game launches us on a journey full of monsters and light effects that can more or less surprise a good part of us (including me). By not spoiling I will elucidate the strengths and weaknesses of this cry of fear. First the scenario. In fact little by little we can understand why we are there alone, and in the middle of a city in the middle of the night. We also understand why there is the presence of monsters (and if we look we can even understand what representations they draw for our protagonist but that I would not go further). So this is not a basic scenario for a horror game. Then the gameplay. Despite the fact that the AI is not at the top and bug sometimes (the fact that at places enemies remain planted without going further) the gamplay put on the survival of the character and its adaptation in obscure environment. It plays indeed on good light games and the size of the inventory that is 3 slots or 6 (depending on the campaigns/moments of history) you will make making difficult choices like choosing between a syringe or a pistol. Moreover the lifespan is good enough for this kind of game (20-30 hours for the main campaign and add to that the campaigns made by the community and the multi mode where one can reach the hundreds of hours). Finally the "black dot" (which is for me a positive point) of the game is its graphic quality. Indeed, being released in April 2013, however, it remains a mod based on the gold source of half-life 1 which dates from 1998. However the engine is pushed to its best especially for shadows and lights creating a perfect horror atmosphere. And, personally, it is a positive point that it is also "ugly" because monsters are more afraid than "realistic" monsters/created with newer engines. This game moved me and also made me Rager and jump many times. Besides without spoiler there is a screameur at the very beginning of the main campaign but after this is only pure atmosphere, and I prefer to warn. Anyway for me this free game fills its share of the work and leaves a heavy atmosphere throughout the adventure whether it be solo or multi-4. If we could put a note, I'd give him a 18/20 deserved.
i like this game 
The only way it can be fun is if you play with friends and laugh at bugs and jumpscares. The game fails at scaring you. It’s broken and imbalanced, there are too strong enemies in some locations. This game is half laugh, half frustration. Just can’t recommend it.