Average Playtime: 1 hour

Cry of Fear review
by Katana

I'm kind of confused why co-op is such a highlighted aspect of this game in its store descriptions. It's a feature, for certain extra maps, but from what I played they weren't anywhere near as fun as the singleplayer game. Treat it like a tacked on bonus...

Cry of Fear's singleplayer campaign ranked pretty high up for me alongside games like Fatal Frame or Resident Evil 4. It's definitely a lot more lacking in polish, but not as much as you'd think for beginning as a HL1 mod. On the one hand, you have things like missed clicks in custom menus, but on the other the authors have gone so far as to completely replace HL1's ladder climbing system to better suit the feel of the game.

The writing is not excellent, but it covers the theme of depression; what is for many a sensitive and personal topic. It doesn't do it quite as well as masters like Silent Hill, but it's pretty respectful and may have even come from direct experience.

The game's length and variety, as well as its constant self-twisting of corridors and open areas, surprised me at times for when I was expecting a pretty basic game. This involves boss battles, many cutscenes, branching endings, and even a bonus mode after finishing the game. I remember consulting some guides to find my way through a few times, but others might enjoy the sprawling traversal. Be warned that there's not really many gameplay systems available for those who use too many resources at once (eg bullets) or who don't have extra saves on record in case something really bad happens. In many ways it's one of the more classic survival games.

Finally, a note on graphics and animation - obviously, they're out of date in today's age, but for a horror game, I think that actually works very well. Creatures that don't move quite "right" unsettle me perfectly, and maintained a consistent creepy vibe in the game.
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