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Gwent: The Witcher Card Game review
by Tramandai

The game now is not playable. It’s completely imbalanced because of buyers, who obviously spend money on epic cards on low levels. When you understand that your way to the top will be endless as you can’t beat these players and can hardly get better cards, all the desire to play gwent again disappears. 
Roman Rudyi
This is the most F2P game on the market. As a F2P player since Beta, I have more than enough resources to craft all premium cards available. Also, beginners can play in Seasonal mode to quickly gain resources.

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«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
Finally you can play Gwent without all that pesky Witcher stuff in the middle.
I loved gwent within The Witcher 3 and I’m happy to play it separately! The game itself is very easy but it’s hard to learn the rules in the beginning. But once you understand how it works, you enjoy it so much! I wish some card descriptions were more detailed and clear but the game is awesome anyway.  
Alright, let me explain things before you shoot me for giving it a "meh" rating.

First of all; what's good about Gwent.
- Gwent has a LOT of potential. They are rapidly iterating and changing the game.
- If you look at the amount of Gwent card's you'll be impressed and they are constantly adding new one's to the pool.
- Gwent features lots of mechanics that you might know from other games and tends to be on a slightly lower level of "mechanics and interactions" than Magic (the card game).
- Gwent is very generous in giving away packs, every match you play will earn you around one card. It feels great!

Now, why am I giving this fantastic pool of idea's a "Meh"?
- Gwent's board is probably the biggest disappointment I've had. The board features indications for "ranges" of units.
For example; Warrior, ranger, artillery.
The problem is that it does not actually use those ranges at all during play.
- Gwent has a lot of cards, but a very small pool of viable decks. If you like competitive play in card games this is probably great, but if you like to make weird decks, this game is not for you.
- Gwent fails to deliver on interactive gameplay. Both players just sort of 'drop' their cards on the board, but they never directly interact. (Mind you, this is not the case for all decks! But there is certainly a set of decks that just ignores the other player entirely.) Gwent is about executing your strategy while some other faceless thing on the other side of the board tries to stop you from doing it flawlessly.
- KEYWORDS are not explained properly. This is a huge deal since it means new players just do not know all the interactions that their opponents deck has, nor do they have any way of figuring them out. (You can hover over the text, but often that only describes the rough results of the effect, not the details. And details matter in cardgames).
- Factions do not have enough special cards in them to make them feel different from each other. This is especially noticeable when you are new to the game.

Overall, I gave it a "Meh" because it failed to deliver on the hype it has surrounding it.
I will have to come back to this game at a later stage to check it out again since it is clearly still finding its place in the card game market.