Chocodemon's review of the game Miscreated
May 12, 2018
The single biggest pro I can think about for 'Miscreated' is that the Devs are still patching the game regularly. This game has been released into Early Access 2014 and they are still actively working on it. ~claps~

Also the world seems filled with content and is visually really pleasing and enjoyable. So why the 'Skip'?  The game is horribly optimised, has no tutorial or ingame information on how things work, the player has an inventory but it is so broken that when you go into the steam community hub and search for "inventory" you get more than 120 pages with each 10 posts which complain about various bugs with just the inventory.
If you get stuck you can suicide, but only when you wait for 5 minutes... in the menu. When you close and reopen the menu, you have to wait 5 minutes again. You got stuck? Here do nothing for 5 minutes.
When you have a weapon equipped and the press the "punch" key you immidiatly drop all your main weapons and go into fist combat. You have a stamina meter that depletes in 25% chunks each time you jump, but doesn't deplete at all when you sprint.

So it is a broken survival MMO. Skip it for now. If it ever leaves EarlyAccess it might be worth another look as the problems it has, are not unfixable, but for now, just don't play it.
«Waste of time»