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Miscreated review
by Chocodemon

The single biggest pro I can think about for 'Miscreated' is that the Devs are still patching the game regularly. This game has been released into Early Access 2014 and they are still actively working on it. ~claps~

Also the world seems filled with content and is visually really pleasing and enjoyable. So why the 'Skip'?  The game is horribly optimised, has no tutorial or ingame information on how things work, the player has an inventory but it is so broken that when you go into the steam community hub and search for "inventory" you get more than 120 pages with each 10 posts which complain about various bugs with just the inventory.
If you get stuck you can suicide, but only when you wait for 5 minutes... in the menu. When you close and reopen the menu, you have to wait 5 minutes again. You got stuck? Here do nothing for 5 minutes.
When you have a weapon equipped and the press the "punch" key you immidiatly drop all your main weapons and go into fist combat. You have a stamina meter that depletes in 25% chunks each time you jump, but doesn't deplete at all when you sprint.

So it is a broken survival MMO. Skip it for now. If it ever leaves EarlyAccess it might be worth another look as the problems it has, are not unfixable, but for now, just don't play it.
«Waste of time»

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review First Impression after about 20h play time: The Game, in my Opinion, started with the following Points:-Top Performance, at really 1A Graphics. When I compare undisputed Number 1 with other Games of this Genre-The Ratio map size to Server Size (currently 36 Players) fits. At Present, only part of the Map is unlocked, but it does not bother because the Servers are not overloaded with 36 slots. Perfect Mix to loot in peace, at the same time it can happen at any time to bump into other Players. All this doesn't happen too often and not too rarely ...-All The items in the Game work or have any Function. That is, everything that can be found is also useful in some Form. -Simple and quickly understood Game mechanics. Inventory menu, Looding System and Crafting System almost self-explanatory. Even the "Clan System" is super-simple. -My Impression of Guns and Ammunition is that both are relatively rare. I.e. If you have both Weapons and matching Muniotion you think 3x whether I am KoS moderately a Freshspawn away baller. One Thing I personally like. -Level design, Tag/: Night changes and Weather Swing (fog/rain/Thunderstorms) really create a Mood. Everything looks amazing and is wonderfully implemented. -Base-Building works quite well so far, but also gives better Mechanics, because only recently implemented very neatly. The Thing about the Recipes is a good Idea, however, has already been seen elsewhere. What's good about it is that you can't immediately build a Huge Palace with all The Extras. So You are forced to looten to expand. If you want to spend a long time on a Server Improving a chice Base fast are, in my Opinion, the following Points:-The headshot bug! Headshots are not possible at the Moment ... wtf-The Possibility of setting up Storage Boxes is really too scarce. 1 x tall and 1 x small is simply not enough. Alone when you're at base building. The individual Components are sometimes so heavy that you have to throw a Large Part of your own Inventory on the Floor in order to build a Wall, for example. This is only possible from the Inventory. Not infrequently then some Of the Inventory disappears into the Ground and is gone. -For example, If you want to access a Vehicle or Box inventory, this is only possible if no other Player is Nearby. Especially at the Beginning of the first small Base, this is a bit annoying. -Basic Problems with Loot that disappears. For example, from Boxes or diesel tulgs oil which is missing from the Vehicles according to server residual art. The other minor Problems are no longer tragic at the moment. Basically, it is just an Early access game, so everything in the green area. So If you're looking for an alternative to the other zombie/survival games, you're certainly not doing anything without flashing with Miscreated. Whether here or where else with a few Friends the whole Sacher is 100x more Fun!