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War for the Overworld review
by Tzeelim

Oh, I have so many complaints! Here we are:
*the first levels are too easy, and then suddenly they become too difficult
*the spawn system is imbalanced: your units appear for hours, while enemies spawn immediately (and they are dozens at once)
* you control units with dull flag system tha game doesn’t explain at all
* the main problem is that the devs decided there’s no need to teach the player how to play their game - as a result I felt confused and frustrated.

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Microsoft from Deutsch
I bought the Game on Kickstarter at The time because I'm a Fan of the classic Dungeon Keeper franchise (and by Richard Ridings!). War for the Overworld is a successful Remake of Dungeon Keeper, it has its Charm but the Developers have brought in many new and ingenious Ideas. All in all, a very round Game. I can recommend the Game to anyone, whether you've played the old Dungeon Keeper Series or not! (If not: Catch Up!)
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Microsoft from Deutsch
I got the Game very early in Beta and was able to experience some Development. Meanwhile, it's a full-fledged Game, with Campaign and some Game Models. With me, the Game was (until now) flawless without any errors. It feels like the first Dungeon Keeper and is just as much Fun. The Control runs flawlessly over The mouse and Keyboard (I can't understand the Previous Speaker here). I will definitely continue to play the Game and tell You (Video Evidence follows). For me, the Game is a very clear Thumbs up. Best Regards Mr-ripped
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Since there is only one Up or Down-Vote, I still opt for the Upvote. I have already bought the Game in an Early Alpha State, where it was even cheaper than it is now. :) The Game is simply a Dungeon Keeper Remake with better Graphics. So whoever has always waited to play his old Classic again has found it in this Game. The Control itself unfortunately also resembles that of the past-not thought through. Hotkey Occupancies do not yet exist, which I personally miss very much! All The buildings and Commands you could pack wonderfully on hotkeys in the Style of Star/Warcraft Q-B and 1-X Through the sometimes very small Symbols and the changing Mouse Cursor symbol (Dead Hand-Finger-Pickaxe) it is often not quite easy to catch one of the Symbols " ". The Game itself ... I still have a few More Makings and would therefore call it more Beta and not a Release suitable Game, so I can only say at the release price at the time-no thanks. Alpha Price was €10 or €15 (it's been a bit) and that's worth it to me in any Case. It's a fun Game for In Between and all the "upcoming Updates" make the Game sure to be worth playing. However, until it is so far going to pass safely another 1-2 Years. But You can already learn the Mechanics and settle into the Game. Personal Conclusion: I like the Game and it was a good Investment to get right into the Alpha-I see over again and again what changes the whole game makes and there was really a Lot of new Stuff when I think back to the Alpha Status 2 Years ago. So I'm well tuned to have some great Features coming here:)
This game is awesome. If you tired of false promises developers like to make about the respect for the past and upgrading everything good and fixing the mistakes, this game won’t disappoint you. It’s REALLY feels like Dungeon Keeper 2 but a little better. They left the spirit and the atmosphere of the original game right where it should be, and a great and satisfying title appeared. 
«Can’t stop playing»
Does a good job of recreating what Dungeon Keeper 2 left behind.
«Liked before it became a hit»