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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire review
by Curious_Cat

Favorite Thing: I enjoyed the continuation of the Watcher's story. There was also a nice setup for (hopefully) a third installment.
Least Favorite Thing: Neketaka. Damn I found that place boring. And you spend so very much time running through it.

Date Completed: 2019-04-22
Playtime: ~ 39h
Enjoyment: 8/10
Recommendation: It's probably not your first time playing a game like this. You know what to expect.

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Lots of parallels with Bladur's Bate II: Shadows of Amn. I appreciate the quality of life improvements over BG2 though, such as no weight limit, healing and refreshing of spells after each fight, and choice of spells each combat (like the sorcerer vs wizard in BG2). The graphics and music are also fantastic. The coastal/nautical setting creates a spirit of adventure and a feeling of wanting to explore the world by ship. The overarching story-arch is serviceable. I got a bit tired of the side-quests towards the end, which needed some backtracking. Overall, this is like an incredibly good Neverwinter Nights mod that you will like a lot.
«Can’t stop playing»
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Now that I played through the game more inclusive Of the three current DLCs, I wanted to write a Review of this grandiose Game. The Game is certainly not something for everyone. It is a classic PC Role-playing game with what I Think is an interesting Story, some of which comes from very philosophical. That important Sections are presented as in a Visual Novel is a really nice Design Variation and makes the whole Game seem like a big fantasy book. It is also Nice that important Terms are explained again in the Texts by Tooltip. So even after a few Weeks of Rest you get into the Matter Quickly. The Characters are all very interesting and also interact with each other in a very funny way. Eder, In Particular, has a good Dry sense of humor. The Graphics are beautiful and the individual Sections of the game are all presented very attractively. The Side Quests are also interesting and always offer corresponding Rewards. The Puzzles and Dungeons also know how to convince, as well as the Dialogues and options. The Character Development opportunities are enormous and slay the Player somewhat in the Beginning. The Combat System initially appears a bit fiddly and in some cases the Figures block each other. On the other hand, with increasing Gaming experience, you can also exploit this for yourself and thus protect your more vulnerable Figures, for example. Once you have Befriended the Cape system and you can use the diverse skills, the Fights, especially the more demanding Ones, become all the more interesting. All three DLCs are also recommended. However, it should be Clear that all DLCs cannot be played according to the Main Story, but must be solved during this. However, they also partly offer alternative Ends for the Game. All in all, a fantastic Game that I highly recommend ... The Lyrics in the Game are translated very well in German and except for a few small Errors. The Spachissue is in English. Again, the Choice of Words and Storytelling Style is great.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
So, I played through both the first and second Parts of Pillars of Eternity (each on Normal) and have to say I really liked Pillars of Eternity 2. I bought the largest Ship, installed all The ship Upgrades, explored pretty much everything and almost all The Quests I could find off ... I thought the following Points were particularly good: + The Atmosphere of the Game. + The Story with its philosophical Depth and decisions (as in the first Part) ... + the well-designed and elaborated Characters. + The grandiose Dialogue sequences with the artistic Representations of the Gods. I love Speakers in Games-as long as they and the Lyrics are good Expressive. + The Text adventure Inserts and Dialogues with different group-dependent Possibilities, Including magic. + That the Story Decisions of the first Part have an Influence on the second Part in many Places. + The Ability to move more freely over the Map than in the first Part (where you could only jump from Place to place) ... + Ship management and interesting Ship combat (even if Entern was ultimately most effective for me) + You have to rest less because the Skill The pages are available at every Encounter. Light Deductions I would make for the following:-the Balancing, but this could possibly be fixed by Choosing a higher Degree of difficulty. I didn't make the Fights on Normal much Trouble, but that didn't really bother me. -missing chance encounters during regular travel across islands (except for occasional Within Cities). However, these could also have a disruptive Effect if they occur too often. You should perhaps think about that in a third Part (* great Hope *). -that you cannot play weather-to-weather again after the End in order to explore further and complete Open Quests. I had to load an earlier score in the first Part, after the release of the DLCs, and play the End a second Time after The completion of the Additional History-especially since it Has an Influence on the specific Part of Pillars of Eternity ... That's going to be the Case again now because I didn't want to wait that long to play Through. I hope that was helpful. :)
I’ve been waiting for this release but I can’t call what I’ve got a good game. It’s hard on the Trial of Iron mode not because of the challenge but because of bugs and the lack of autosaves (one in 3 hours, really? It’s not challenging, it’s frustrating). And maybe my review would be better if there were no more problems.
But here they are:
- errors and unclear information in descriptions, no special information in many skills
- limited companion customization, so you choose between a character you like and a character that can fight
- I want them to be the same guy!
- bugs, one more time.
So, I don’t recommend to buy the game now. Maybe, on sale some day or at least after patching.
«Buggy as hell»
Deadfire feels like Pillars 1 but with more awesome stuff added. The game wins at every aspect, and I have no words to say how great is the story, music and voice acting. There are some changes in combat system, so it became smoother, and also ship building/combat appeared - and I like it much more than the same option with castles. And here you can load in the file from PoE1! In other words, go buy this amazing game now! 
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
Better wait for a patch, ‘cause now the game is over-bugged. That’s sad - I thought they specially delayed the game to fix it. The biggest problem is that bugs appear when you load your save from PoE - listen, that shouldn’t work this way. So maybe we all should wait and buy Deadfire only when the problems will be solved.  
«Buggy as hell»
This game follows the traditions of classic RPGs - like the first Pillars of Eternity or Divinity. I love this genre, so the game seems awesome to me. Okay, maybe, they didn’t add anything entirely new except some character options in the customization system and cleaned little problems. Deadfire is a good game anyway, so if you’re into classic RPGs, you should try it. Btw, no bugs detected.  
«Disappointment of the year»
«Waste of time»