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Lords of the Fallen review
by TheTreeMan

Not much to say about this really. A Dark Souls clone that didn't really bring much to the table. If you can get past the clunky controls and frequent drops in framerate, you may get a kick out of it. I didn't however...
«Buggy as hell»
Serge Ulankin
You review prevented me from buying it, it was on sale on Steam recently. Thank you, I guess.

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What if Dark Souls but even slower and the main character is a grizzled bald-headed white guy with too-big armor.

I do like that it tries to have dialogue options like a traditional RPG. Kind of an underrated part of this game. 
Perfect start to the soul like games.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Fancy flying Keyboards, PC Mice, Monitors in your own Room? Then, since you have been in the right place! I had it on my Wish List at the Time before the release but after reading the not so good Reviews, I lost sight of it. After almost 2 Years I bought it for a very good Price and was curious if it would be worth it. After 48 Hours Of playing, I'm still not sure what to make of the Game. On the per Page are:-Graphic top-Tobias Kluckert as the Hero'S voice actor (E.g. in 300 the Narrator voice or Bane In The Dark Knight Rises)-Music quite well-The Inventory is very clear and the distribution of the Skill Points is pleasantly easy to understand. -Whether it'S weapons, Helmets, chest armor, Gloves or Shoes. Each Item has its own Appearance and almost always extremely good. Neutral-The Degree of difficulty varies from "absurd" to extremely light. Here, most Of The Frustration potential is if you don't get bodied up. -If you play the Game without Side Tasks etc, about 12 Hours of Play will come out of it. -In the New Game +, you keep everything that doesn't have to do with Quests in the Inventory. The Monsters continue to scale upwards in terms of Life and Damage. However, there is very little new to Uncover. -The Bosses are sometimes extremely difficult. Not so good-There is no Card and no Compass in the Game. There is virtually little evidence to do about what to do in the Story. Not to mention the Side Tasks. -The Handling in Combat is rather suboptimal. The Alternation between different Potions, Fighting Postures and Spells is extremely strenuous in Combination with the Planning of the Attacks and their Execution. -Except for the Main Protagonists, the other Voice Actors are not even average. -The Story is extremely thin and offers hardly any Surprises.
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Microsoft from Swedish
It is a really fun game with class or quality if you are to say it. The game would probably not have existed unless Infinity magazines had existed but it does not cause the fun. Did you like it if you think about this. Graphics and sounds are said to be "Top Notch" and it is perfect personal entertainment to play when I ask to play. It is a good choice. J
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Microsoft from French
For those who have experienced infinity blade (like me) this game is anything but intuitive (share the fighting system, and again). The menu screen, access to the options of the character, the graphics ... no coherence. We have the impression that everyone has boss in his wireless corner driver. Result: the sauce does not take. This is not done, the animations and textures are not at the level of the game, and for 10 euros has hurt the buttocks ... * is recovering a little vaseline *
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Microsoft from Deutsch
If you, like me, expect an Infinity Blade in the DarkSouls / LordsoftheFallen look, you'll be disappointed! The first impression in terms of graphics shocked me! Fri 11 too little! The combat system is not even as extensive as IB. 1Combo, no blood. The results are not properly rewarded! Neither by horny sounds, neither blood nor does one have the feeling of having a powerful weapon in the hand, which causes something on hits! The typical look around and find treasures, does not exist. Each treasure is provided with a bold symbol, otherwise there is nothing to find. The weapons, armor and level system is too banal. Get started automatically, do not choose your own stats, everything is predetermined! Weapons & amp; Armor needs to be replaced with new ones, as the old ones have worse stats, no room for their own look, or you can not level up Lev 1 armor, so it has comparatively good stats such as. Lev 5 armor has! The monster design and the world itself has potential, but is destroyed by a black / white edged edge around all textures ... unfortunately! Unfortunately in my opinion not recommended !!!