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Braid review
by Brahmaputra

Some puzzles in this game are too cryptic and I really couldn’t figure out how to solve them without YouTube. Rushing is not the way you can complete this game and have fun, but I think that waiting for two hours for a cloud to appear at the certain point of the map also sounds like mockery to me. 

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This game is a masterpiece. It immerses me in the Celtic culture. The music and the game design in the style of an oil painting create the atmosphere of a living painting. The image of the young boy relates me to British private schools. Very good.
«Blew my mind»
«OST on repeat»
«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
I only played this game for about 1.5 hours (~5 hour game). I don’t typically play platformers but this one had very good reviews and was leaving gamepass so I thought I’d give it a shot. The time manipulators were cool for a bit but quickly I wasn’t having fun playing this game. It didn’t help that I knew I only had the game for 5 days so I wasn’t able to play it At my own pace. In a very specific mood I may have enjoyed this game more. I would have given it a better chance if it wasn’t leaving gamepass. My enjoyment with this game was very minimal. I gave it a shot so I’m logging the review but there is an asterisk next to my score. I feel slightly guilty giving such a poor ranking because I got the sense that there are some very unique and clever puzzles in this game and maybe if I was in the right mood I could have appreciated them. But I didn’t. There may be a 2D platformer out there for me but it isn’t Braid.

Final Score: B-
Translated by
Microsoft from Danish
summarized: Really beautiful and with great sound and effects - and which is also used a few times. Deep background history Can be played over and over again Will not be boring All the time changing Easy to get started - A little short, it probably won't take more than a few days to complete. It will take a long time to complete it completely. No multiplayer function, desvrre :( Let me start with the story behind all the courses. It's deep. Really, amazing, deep. I'm not going to say anything about it, but the story itself is plentiful to install the game. It really raises the question of our choice and life as human beings, and who are on our land. Look at Google with the word 'Braid' along with 'explained' el. similar, and prepare yourself for some to read.   'Braid' is not simple. Even though the screenshots look so simple, it's all else. There are 5 worlds besides the last, rather special world. In each of the 5 worlds, there are 12 puzzle pieces. They must all be found. S each of the 5 puzzles must be assembled. The courses are actually really fun. They are different and you can keep playing them. Not only that, every world is different from each other. In one you have a shadow that does the same as you for a few seconds after you rewind the time. In another world, you have a ring that you can place somewhere, and that s the time to go slowly within its radius. The game is something for itself. With the shift button you can rewind the time, something that needs to be used in every path, though more and more cunning. The game is easy to get started with, so there is absolutely NO reason not to install it! I got it for 12 kroner. It usually costs 30, - I think enough. If it were just a little longer to complete, 100 would have been a fair price. But quite frankly, install it and get ready for an incredible experience. Put the sound on and lose yourself in Braid's beautiful and perfect world. You must be entertained. I give it approx. one hundred stars out of the five. + It should also be said that there are 7 secret stars stored in the game and the option for Speed ​​Runs through the main menu. You can easily have several files per user account. In the Epilogue, there are 4 alternative texts stored and which only appear if the red book is the last one open before you enter behind the thing that covers you in that part of the course. You also have to remember that it is available for xBox and that the version shown is a tiny bit easier, though a lot more expensive I could imagine.
Braid is one those games that stand the test of time. It feels fresh and interesting even today, and visuals and music are stylish and nice. I like that every puzzle gives you everything you need to solve but the pace of the game constantly changes. When you think that finally got the right rhythm of completing, it shows you it can be harder and forces you to be more creative. I only don’t like that the ending opens only when every puzzle is solved - I sometimes stack in progress. But all the rest is gorgeous.