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Fortnite: Save The World review
by tolsterrr

«Just one more turn»

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Compared to its Battle Royale this is just a boring repetitive mess
«Waste of time»
Play this on both the PS4 and Switch. It's pretty darn fun. I find myself returning to it time and time again and finding new updates. Its Battle Royale mode feels so alive that it's hard to ever get bored. Also it's free, which kicks ass. All microtransactions go towards cosmetics that have no bearing on the actual gameplay. I absolutely recommend this game. 
«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
Great game! Combining shooting utility and building
«Blew my mind»
«Better with friends»
Nice game !!!!!!
«Can’t stop playing»
«Better with friends»
I tried Battle Royale just to be in the know about what other people are going all mad about. Mind that I am not a fan of shooters, I can hardly say that I have any favorites in the genre. I've spent less than 2 hours with Fortnite, so don't take this review too seriously. If you want a general overview of what Fornite is about, you might see the video below.

First, the things I liked about Fortnite. It has a wacky cartoonish style and ridiculously goofy environment. It looks interesting and reminds me of the Worms franchise with all these strange-looking weapons and junk-filled maps.

There are a bunch of interesting mechanics that were new to me. Like building shelters or entire buildings on the go and collecting resources.  Or starting a match with no firearm. There are also other small things, which, when combined, make Fortnite a fresh experience. 

Then, it's a third-person shooter, and I tend to like third-person action games more because it usually means you have a different field of vision and perspective leading to small changes in tactics and the manner of playing. In fact, while I was writing this review, I learned that Epic explicitly told that it was not going to bring a first-person mode, unlike its competitors PUBG or H1Z1. All in all, I prefer third-person games, and this was a good thing for me.

Finally, it is overwhelmingly popular, so I waited a match to start for a minute just once. Usually it was all very quick. Definitely a good thing, if you want to just casually play a couple of matches.

As for the things I didn't like. Well, I guess they are the same for me for all online shooters, so I won't whine about lagging servers, annoying other players, etc. Also matches are too long for me (there are 100 players and the map is relatively big). But Fortnite is fun, trust me. I'll hardly play it again, but I recommend anybody to try it.
Fortnite free to play battle royale this is not the base co op against zombies this is one that you fight against 100 other people you build a base you fight! FORTNITE is about life after "The Storm," an apocalyptic event in which 98 percent of the world's population simply vanished ... only to be replaced by hordes of zombie-like Husks. After stumbling onto and taking command of an abandoned high-tech shelter facility, it's up to you to take charge of a group of brave heroes as they fight back against The Storm. Under your guidance, these heroes will gather precious resources, rescue survivors, and build a refuge from the lumbering armies of the undead. Along the way, you might just discover the source of The Storm and save all humanity in the process. The separate free to play multiplayer mode Battle Royale pits up to 100 players against each other in individual battles or in teams to determine the last player standing.

«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
It's pretty much everything that I loved about Spiral Knights and Borderlands, but without everything that made me hate those games. Same elements and gameplay as SK, humour, jokes and style pretty much like Borderlands (but much less wasteland stuff). I guess this game lacks usable cars a little bit, but on other hand who cares. Way less grind than in SK nowadays, enjoyable missions, everything feels rewarding and in general it's just... I don't know. The only things I miss very much from SK here are TLoZ-like camera and gameplay desicions and bosses. Altho, Making a fort, having various objectives EVERY TIME and other fun stuff compensate that. I guess comparing it to SK isn't really relevant, but it was (and still is) one of my favorite games and I see a lot of similarities between them. And I still enjoy killing enemies with my sword, managing my shield and health and playing around positioning.

But SK's OST is still unbeatable.
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»