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The Swords of Ditto review
by mariah

This is an amazing continuator of The Legend of Zelda games. This one reminds of nes and gameboy games especially. You just slash monsters, discover dungeons and solve simple puzzles there. In dungeons, you can find sticker packs with stickers which boost your abilities or give you new skills. But the best part is the cuteness of this game. I'm talking not only about the graphics and music but about the whole idea and all these little details. So go and play it. If you still thinking about buying this game or not, I'm going to say only one word — kazoo!!!

P.S. I played this game in the situation when I didn't have the internet connection, books and movies around for a week (no, I wasn't kidnapped and spent a week in a basement), so this game felt like a really great project
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»

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Microsoft from Deutsch
I was really trying to like The Swords of Ditto. At The end of the day, though, the Game unfortunately doesn't rip me off the Stool. Only the Look has really succeeded terribly, with the actual Gameplay it hooks in too many Places. It is inexplicable to me why you slow down an actually brisk Game so artificially and hinder the Progression. An incredible amount of Potential is being given away here. In the current State, Unfortunately, The Swords of Ditto moves only in Mediocrity at almost every Level. And that's even though it looks so great. As Always, you will find my detailed Test under
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HoNeStLy, ThIs GaMe Is ToO hArD fOr Me. TiMeR sUcKs, iT iS A rOuGlIkE wHiCh WaS nOt MeNtIoNeD aT aLl. WaLkInG sPeEd Is ToO sLoW. MiMiMi. Are you guys serious? inform yourself befor buying a game ffs. If you are that stupid to expect one thing but it never meant to be that thing, and then you are♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥because it is something different, pls unsinstall steam. Do you want to play some clicker game where you do not have to use your brain at all? Zelda MM is one of the best games and also has a timer, sure it is longer, but this is due to the leveldesign and the fact that you are damn fast in SoD by rolling. Additionally you can get extra time. I just typed in Swords of Ditto in google and got an article at the very first position explaining the complete game: timer, rouge like, lose items but possible to save them, progression is not lost because the progression is on your sword, and all that kind of stuff. What you guys are doing is just harming the developers who did a damn great job. Funny how the cofounder of Devolver gave a comment on the gaming community. Sadly true.
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Slowly enough, I play the Game with an Xbox One Controller and a Geforce 1070 Ti and have ruckler in the Game? What is this? Not only that I have to restart the Game in part, because no input will be recognized anymore. If I am standing around and can only press Pause, the Character can no longer be moved. Or Stuff like in the Starting Menu can't I push away the Intro, the Menu Thawaits Completely Random? (Game is based on an SSD with 560 MB/s read). The Quick Menu where you can eat what is partially unresponsive or very bad. If you want to get your Forehead and Take Stickers with you, are they just not there in The New Run? What is the point, please? Why do I have to walk like a stupid Monkey to the Sword again every Time I go on it? It's annoying high 10. As a rougelike Lover, I am really dissatisfied with this Bugfest. If I had to evaluate it, it would have only 4 out of 10 Points left. Only the Sound and Graphics kept me playing. Now it lands after 7 Hours on the Data waste in the Hope that one will build something right from it in short or long. Am totally disappointed. The Money was not worth it, at least not for this Unfinished product.
The game is amazing at first glance but it appears to be quite shallow. You progress too slowly and it feels like wasting time. You quickly realize how grindy the game is, and it becomes boring. For me it’s a disappointment - such aesthetic game with such poor content. 
This game is done perfect for a top-down retro-like game. It’s beautiful, and the gameplay is fun, especially if you play it in local co-op. I think, disappointed players expected this game to be a AAA project for some reason. C’mon! It’s cheap and fun - and that’s all, and it’s great.