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BattleTech review
by Curious_Cat

Haiku Review: Riding a giant mech / How many weapons will fit / The more missiles the better
Favorite Thing: Controlling the loadouts for the mechs was really fun.
Least Favorite Thing: I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the loading times. They're bad, really bad. Moving on. The game doesn't do a good job in making you feel like you're riding around in a giant mech. There isn't much in the game to make you appreciate their size.

Date Completed: 2018-07-14
Playtime: ~ 68h
Enjoyment: 8/10
Recommendation: Definitely. It's a really good turn-based tactical game.
Serge Ulankin
Where's the five word review, Cat?!
Sir Lagsalot
I like Haiku reviews even better xD

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Scratches that "tactical mech action" itch I've had since playing MechCommander 2 way back in the day. While the presentation, gameplay, and general structure are all quite nice, there's a lot left on the table. The game can drag on and on, and generally it feels like things can be streamlined across the board.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Product received for free Finally Battletech again as a PC game! Technology: This is where the Unity engine is used and doesn't really get it all out, the Graphics are fit for purpose. Interface is very successful with small Weaknesses (you don't see what the Goal is for Armament), otherwise everyone will be able to find their way around quickly. Pretty good Implementation of Sight lines and Strike Probabilities despite missing Witch fields. Sound: The Sound is ok, Mechs stomp, Guns make their known Noises and lots of Voiceover amid the Story Missions. (English) The Soundtrack is pretty good and positively contributes to the Mood. Atmosphere: The Game is relatively Storyheavy in the Campaign, but again and again you are released into the open Space and you can look for your one Contracts. The Battletech Universe is superbly captured here, even if it only plays in the Perepheria And thus relatively little Contact is made with the Successor states. Thus, one does not participate in any already known Storyarc. Fights: The Fights are relatively easy to master in the Beginning and it's really fucking a lot of Fun to steer these huge Mechs through the Missions. The Camera movements are adjustable and put the Action in the Scene, so it is extremely satisfying to cramp a small Tank. :D Gamemodes and Metagame: There is a Single-player Story campaign, a Co-op Mode, 1vs1 and 1vsCPU. The Battles are always the same and outside the various Targets (Destroying all enemies, destroying Base or even escorting a Convoy) there are no Special Missions with only one Mech or similar. The Metagame in Campaign Mode spice up the Game similar to XCOM with an economic Part. You have to keep your Mechs in Check, reequip, find new Employers and, of course, further strengthen your Troupe with Pilots and Machines. Very atmospheric! Finally, a small Pro/Contra list: Pro: + Great Amtosphere + fun Fights + own Mercenary unit + painting and Arming the Mechs Changeable + economic Saves in the Campaign + Many different Planets and Graphics sets for the Fights + Many different Mechs of Pre-Clanära +-Story not particularly spectacular, BT holds Standards of Betrayal and Power Seizure +-Only a small Part of the Perepherie, no Way to get into the Inner Sphere-Until only in English, German Texts follow later-From and to smaller Bugs or Crashes-Missing Mechs like Marauder, Warhammer AND Jägermech-No Solaris VII-Pilots can't be renamed or individualized With a few Patches and German Lyrics, this Game becomes an excellent Platform for more Stories. Look forward to more!
They did everything to slow down the action. These awful pauses between movements, the need to repair or loadout the mechs for several days (or a month) - it’s boring, it’s a waste of time. Moreover, there is no clear rotation who gets to fight next, and it makes the gameplay messy as hell.
I chose this game because I thought after hours of playing Into The Breach I would be able to play something close and have fun. But BattleTech takes the worst elements of any strategy you know and makes the player suffer. It looks like an unfinished project, and, unfortunately, it should be totally remade to become enjoyable or playable at least.
«Buggy as hell»
This game is like Game of Thrones in space. It is a crazy mix of different strategies, like XCOM and Total War with the setting from Halo and huge robots from TechWarrior. Isn’t this enough to run and buy this game immediately? I’ll give you more reasons.
The atmosphere is great for such complicated world. The gameplay is totally brilliant, you see - here we have RPG elements, all your choices affect the campaign, the turn based combat is awesome. I think, if you’re not a robot lover, you’ll change your mind now. This game feels new and innovative to me, as I don’t know other projects with such well-designed structure and involving gameplay.