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Sniper Elite V2 review
by Alcoholic

[b]Graphics/maps/textures[/b] Some maps has render issues or some minor bugs you can see through broken window but you can't shoot through. Some wall's don't have cover funcionality. Not from all surfaces rock bounce. Maps could be larger. Graphics acceptable while using GTX760 with Ultra/High settings
[b]Gameplay story(single player)[/b] Story just connects all missions. But do this game worth playing for a story? Nope
[b]Gameplay Multiplayer/co-op[/b] Didin't played long enough to have an opinion, will update later
[b]Music/Sounds[/b] How to know if you killed all enemies? Music become less intense...
[b]Controls[/b] Simple, but need to get used to inventory (Z,X), No hud which is nice
[b]Mods[/b] N/A
[b]Achievements[/b] You can't get all achievements without buying DLC's(11 missions in base game and +4 with DLC's)
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This game lets you shoot faces from very far away and then shows you how that face shot affected the recievers skeletal structure.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Sniper Elite V2 is highly recommended. + good Graphics + bullet camera + Different Rifles + Miens, Stumbling wire, Dynamite + the Story is also quite good + Single-player, Multiplayer, Co-op + DLCs (cost but extra)-unfortunately short story-(The Multiplayer is quite boring as all Players just camp out and almost Nothing happens)-sooner or later boring-just don't buy the German Version, as it is never reduced and cut! Plus, it costs €60b-with all DLCs, which is definitely too much! For example, I have a French Version, but I can recommend Sniper Elite, But only if you pay €10-€15 (with DLCs). I paid for everything about €20(which is quite a lot for SE V2).
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Sniper Elite V2 developed by Rebellion and released by 505 Games, is the second Part of the Sniper Elite series and is set during World War II in Germany. The Game: The Main Character is Karl Fairburne, an American Officer who infiltrates Berlin during 1945. Here one comes across Nazi's, as well as the Soviet Union, which clearly prove to be an Antagonist And make it difficult to fulfill the Mission of protecting Information and Key Persons connected with the Development of the V2 missile. The Combat System: This is a Third-person shooter. A direct Battle with enemy Troops is avoided here in order to give the Player the Opportunity to act as a Sniper And thus live out the Traits of one. Evaluate distances, include Wind Strength and Wind direction, set Traps, and observe or influence the Soundscape, these Things offer the Player a Variety of Applications to eliminate the Enemies. Weapons: The Sniper Rifle is the primary Weapon here. However, additional Weapons and Equipment are still Available, such as: Machine Guns Pistols Grenades Anti-personnel Mines (Stopper Wire, landmines, Etc.) Conclusion:: For Fan's Of the Genre "Tactical Shooter" and "Stealth," the Acquisition of the Game pays off in any case.
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Product received for free I got the Game a long, long time ago as the Game was free For a short Time and my Interest was aroused. The Game, which tells the Story of a Sniper Within the Second World War in the Fight against the Germans, is simply wonderful. The Control feels wonderful and passes directly into Flesh & Blood, the Dialogues that Are tiles into the Story are very atmospheric and nice to listen to. Furthermore, I like the "bullettime effects very much," which very nicely Initiate And over further Distance also beautifully demonstrate the entry or exit of the Projectile, which in some cases has already led to great Laughs and even better "WTF" moments. The Degree of difficulty is great, as it is sometimes rather Demanding, but never boring or unfair. You can feel very stupid as you do in my Case, but it's never so crass that you get the Urge to bite into the Tabletop with sheer Frustration or transport the PC to the front Yard. On the Whole, I like the Game very much by its Kind and I will definitely play through it even more often. Now my Review Grafik:8/10 Sound: 8/10 Story: 9/10 Atmosphere: 8/10 Difficulty: 9/10 Control: 10/10----------------Total: 52/60 A great Game that has done everything Right and invites you to play Through again