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Batman: Arkham Asylum review
by Valtel

It's a shame I discovered this masterpiece just recently. BAA has everything you want from dark action game and more! Light stealth? Check. Interesting and iconic characters? Check. Dark and twisted atmosphere of mental asylum? Check. Super enjoyable combat? Check, for god sake! Can't wait to play all the sequels. 
«Can’t stop playing»

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The start to an amazing series. The atmosphere is amazing and when this came out I couldn’t believe how much I felt like Batman. Replaying it, it’s still
fun but you can really see how city makes great improvements and then knight makes amazing improvements upon city. 

Final Score: B+
Finished on January 10, 2010 (Xbox 360) and May 19, 2019 (PC)

+Challenges add longevity value.
+Characters. +Custscene quality.
+Level design.
+Port optimization.
+Voice acting quality.

-No sidequests.
-Riddler trophies add a layer to the collection aspect of the game, but not the main story.
"Batman: Arkham Asylum gets out with a score of 8.7 - it really is a great game, and the things that prevent it from scoring more are related not to the quality of the game itself, which is top notch, but to the aspects that to me should make a part of a true Batman experience and adaptation and are missing from this title."

Full review (with scoring criteria) available here:
A really great game perfectly portraying the Dark Knight and the Batman comic-universe.
«Blew my mind»