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Metro: Last Light Redux review
by oliverxparker

Metro Last Light is a weird one for me. On paper it should be one of my favourite games ever but it has a few annoyances that make it slightly miss the mark. I absolutely love the setting of the underground metro, the grim world and the rival factions all fighting for control. What lets me down here is the mutants, lore wise they are great but I just felt like fighting them was always a chore. I get it's supposed to be a survival game and hard but it just didn't feel fun at all. There also wasn't much variety in them. I actually think I would've preferred the game if it was less focused on Dark Ones and Mutants and spent most of it's time building the factions in the metro systems.

The gameplay in this is definitely noticeably better than its predecessor, which was pretty bad, whilst not being amazing it does the job. Difficulty spikes can sometimes be frustrating and seem to appear out of nowhere. Sometimes I would auto save at a checkpoint having no health kits and be a few shots from death which meant dying repeatedly got stale fast.  My final gripe is that the main character still doesn't speak, like what the hell. When someone asks you a question and you just stand there not saying anything it really pulls you out of the immersion. 

These aside, the game is great; it's creepy, atmospheric and looks great. Definitely worth a play for people who enjoy survival horrors or just a great narrative experience just be warned it's a bit clunky.

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The game has become more interesting and beautiful than Metro 2033 Redux, but the plot has remained shit, because this is a direct continuation of Metro 2033 Redux.

Игра стала интереснее и красивее Метро 2033, но сюжет так и остался дерьмовым, ведь это прямое продолжение Метро 2033.
«Just one more turn»
The story is pretty great and the continuation within the trilogy is so well done. However, even with the update, it suffers some major problems due to being released for so long. Also it's a slow game, doesn't feel like a shooter, and the enemies feel like bullet sponges. I only replayed this because I want to finally give Metro Exodus another chance.
Finest post-apocalyptic game of recent years and a must play for every gamer.
My review for this is the same as for the first game, it's brilliant and I will forever buy any future Metro games.
This game takes the formula of the first and improves on it. I highly recommend this game if you enjoy spookums, survival horror and just plain great video games.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
This game immediately made it under my "top 5." I have a medium level of difficult performance and yet there are always surprising moments in which I could get panicked wet ^^ the atmosphere is the pure insane. Usually I don't like games that run completely linear, but here I have to make an exception. You can choose whether you play metro as a pure shooter or as a sneaky game. There are two ending, just like in the first part (2033). Which end you get decides in the run of the game based on the decisions. (For example, give the betler cartridge, blow away opponents instead of killing, gnaw towards the enemy, etc, leads a closer to the good ending.) However, there is one thing that has bothered me a little from the very beginning. artjom (protagonist) doesn't talk and you never see his face. For people who stand on tension, a little nerve-tickle, post-apocalyptic game worlds, action and epic stories I can absolutely recommend this game.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Clear Purchase reception. After playing Metro 2033 with enthusiasm, I was given "Last light-Redux" For my Birthday by a Friend. Atmosphere---------------The Game is atmospherically a highlight, as the Predecessor Metro 2033 did. Metro 2033 "s Storryline will continue consistently and credibly. Theoretically, you can also play this game well without kiting the Predecessor, as no Prior Knowledge is needed from the previous Part. Still, I previously feel like playing "Metro 2033," as the Story told makes even more Of an impression. As in "Metro 2033," a somber mood is drawn. If you Move within a Station, it is worth listening to the Conversations of the "Extras." All have their small and big Worries, which very well supports the Post-appocalyptic Mood of the Game Series. The Storry is very well thought out. After playing through about 2/3 of "Last light-Redux," I got Background On the Story from "Metro 2033," which sparked a distinct aha experience. Replay Value-------------------I played "Last Light-Redux" within 21 Hours of play on the normal Level of difficulty. However, The Replay value is high! In some Places, you can decide whether or not to kill an enemy main Character. Just to find out what would have happened if I had decided otherwise, I will play the Game again. Likewise, the Opportunity to trade with Weapons and Upgrade these still Offers opportunities for me to experience the Game a second time with other Equipment. This Time I'm just trying to make it even better. The higher Levels of Difficulty Are a real Challenge, even for experienced shooter players. Thus, "Last Light-Redux" promises to have some Game challenges ready for me, and I will be busy with this Game for many more Hours. Game Mechanisms---------------------As mentioned Above, you can upgrade Weapons with various Upgrades. This is an Innovation to "Metro 2033," which I really liked. Since resources are basically scarce In Metro, you have to budget well. It is Not always worth optimizing a Weapon to the Maximum, because when I had just perfectly optimized my Favorite weapon, a much better Weapon appeared in the Game, which I had to re-optimize. If you Move outside the subway Tunnel, you have to wear a Gas Mask. What's new in "Last Light-Redux" is that this can twist with Mud from the Swamp or with Blood, which significantly hinders visibility. From Time to Time, therefore, you should wipe the Visir. This new Feature adds well to the gloomy mood of the Game.
Metro Last Light is quite an example of how linear shooters should be done. It's about 8 hour to beat on normal-spartan Difficulty. I've enjoined it practically all this time. There was 1 level I realy didn't like, which is a swamp. What I liked: gunfights, variety of weapons and weapon mods which is perfect for this particular game. Well, hard to say more. Just buy it and have fun. 
«Can’t stop playing»
The story is extremely captivating, the graphics are well done and look decent even today (facial animations are mediocre though). It has customizable weapons, great variety of difficulty settings.I enjoyed every minute of the whole playthrough.
I bought both Merto 2033 and Last Light a while ago on Steam as a special double offer. Both are amazing. However Last Light is slightly better than its predecessor for all the improvements it got with the time. Playing 2033 first is not essential, however it adds to the story and helps you understand things about the world, mechanics, etc.
It is one of the best story driven FPS along with Bioshock and Wolfenstein titles. The side-effect to this is that you'd better play Metro 2033 to enjoy Last Light. I played it in the wrong order, so I didn't enjoy the story that much. Btw, if you enjoy the story in games, try books (Metro 2033 and 2034), they have an even better story and there's less shooting monsters, and more exploring the post-apocalyptic world.