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Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017) review
by Keravanjoki

a tough game to review coz i really like the actual gameplay but the progression is terrible. even after the most recent changes you have to play for four hours just to open one crate that contains mostly useless shit. there’s already a special place for ea in hell for turning the game into endless grinding. and i don’t actually mind dem micro payments if they are fair but their system makes it really hard to enjoy the actual playing. i would say that it takes over 500 hours of playtime to unlock everything in the game without paying money based on my current playing experience and that is just plain ridiculous. i was also frustrated that ea used those sneaky tactics to hide grinding in review copies, so the players got not what they expected.
on the positive side the visuals and sounds are absolutely spectacular and the gameplay has improved a lot since 2015. but that’s just it, coz microtransactions ruin the game.
«Waste of time»

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I’m not a fan of shooter and I don’t play online game much but I love this game. As for me, one of the best space battle game in years. I play 8v8 strike and enjoy even the land battles. The single campaign could be better and longer but still is quite good. We all here hate EA, I understand that but let’s admit that after all Battlefront II is a great Star Wars game, one of the best titles of the franchise.
Unfortunately, this game has much more problems than I’d expected. It looks and sounds amazing, some maps and heroes are totally awesome but here the problems begin. The game has a lot of content that is completely unnecessary like some weapons and abilities that you don’t use because they are helpless. Some maps are horrible, when I see them I just want to exit the game. No voice chat for some reason, no browsing for certain maps, empty lobbies and endless grind. Grind for everything, even completely useless items. And, as the icing on the cake, the game lags. A lot.