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Total War: WARHAMMER II review
by Tramandai

Total War fans wishing for a fantasy setting won’t be disappointed, the game is definitely worth the money and time. I, being a person who has never played Warhammer, didn’t like the visual side of the game by which I mean the style, but I really love massive battles and this is where game particularly stands out. I hope that we’ll get more historic titles in the futurem but the fantasy world they built here is spectacular.
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Who liked Total War: Warhammer, who we love the second Part of Triology! As an old Fan of the Total War Series and as a Lover of the new Path that Creative Assamble goes with Warhammer, I have to say: Great Cinema! If, as he promised, the Developer puts a Splint on it at the DLCs and the third Part becomes as good As the others, then Total War: Warhammer has what It takes to become the best and most epic part of the Total War series. If, as planned, all three Parts combine to form a large Game and Warhammer 2 + 3 will become the same as the first parts, then this Triology will become the most comprehensive and hottest Warhammer Game on the Market. Creative Assemby proves with the latest Installment in the Warhammer series that it is possible to further develop and make a game fresher without changing the old Game at Its core. The principle of separation between Strategy and the well-known Tactical Battle has not changed, especially in The vergelated to Warhammer 1. However, The Developers have managed to make the Game fresher and more entertaining. They once achieved this by introducing four new, I think are extremely cooler, Peoples. And on the other hand, through an extremely good staging of this very one. The Sound, The music and the atmosphere are usually top notch, in addition to extremely cool Movies, which carry the Story and the Warhammer feeling at the beginning and During completed Quests or quest Battles. Three Mechanics are introduced per people, which makes each People feel and play very differently. Have looked at 3 of the 4 Peoples so far and each one was very successful in its Own way. The Lizard people are still standing, but I'm sure they too have a corresponding Feeling. A new victory condition is also new. It is appropriately embedded in the Story and is designed to build up a little Pressure without making the Game stressful. Whether this will work in the Lategame. Since it is at Its core a Total War game, it also has the known weaknesses in terms of AI and Diplomacy. Still don't Understand why Games like Total War or Civ don't just take an Example of the Diplomacy features of Paradox and Its Grand Strategy titles. Where this Game unfortunately doesn't cut a good Figure At All is the Multiplayer mode! Unfortunately, it is still not possible to contest a Campaign with friends. That means that is possible, but how exactly does that look? Number of Players is limited to 2. (Hust) Then there are two Game Modes: Cooperative and Confrontational. In the Coop, you can't fight the Tactical Battles together unless everyone fields their own Army. Why this? I could take over part of my Ally's Army or control the Army of AI, right? When you play against each other, you make your Move on the Strategy map, as Opposed to the Coop where this happens at the same time, one after the other. In The Lategame, this simply means that the Waiting Time is getting longer and longer. So in Multiplayer I have a Choice between a wait For the End of a Battle or the End of a Train. Wait Then always so 10-30min, your Seriousness? Alternatively, the Game offers me to calculate every Battle automatically, but who wants that in a Total War Game? Sorry, but if I want to play with Mates, I prefer to play Europa Universalis. Perhaps it is also Time to rethink the Strategy part in favour of a clever Multiplayer. I would very much welcome being able to play this super Game with friends! Despite the Aforementioned weaknesses, an absolute Buy recommendation! If you want a more plastic Impact, you can watch my Let's Play.