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Hollow Knight review
by Choopa

8h, got bored

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Hollow Knight Review General to the Game: In Hollow Knight you are thrown into a very big Game world, with nothing more than a Poem and a small Nail to Attack. One is left alone without any Clues, and first does not know why one is there and what your Task is. It is important to find out for yourself and to make his Way through the World. The only thing that guides one is the Skills that you gradually unlock, and which are needed for entering different Areas. The Game is Supported with a beautiful Music, which is very Mystical and Sad. The Game is from Team Cherry, who will play the Game with only 3 (!) Individuals have developed. Graphic: The Graphics of Hollow Knight consist of a simple but very Colorful and Modern 2D style, which fits very much with this Game. It offers a different, always suitable atmosphere in each Area and often even presents Obstacles that only exist in special Areas. For Example, there are Areas where Visibility is lower than others, making it harder to see Enemies. Soundtrack: The Soundtrack is mostly Dark, Sad and Mystical. It plays a major Role in the Development of the Atmosphere of each Area. I often Found myself standing in an Area for a while before I leave it, just to listen to the Music. Control: The Game can be controlled with a Controller or Keyboard. With both, all Buttons can be adjusted individually if you are not satisfied with the Default Settings. In General, it is strongly recommended to play this Game with Controllers, as the Control with the Keyboard is in need of a Lot of Habituation and Difficult. However, I played it completely with the Keyboard, and after some Time I had no More problems. Story: The Story is a very big and at the same time very small Point of this Game. You get what the People don't really say much of the Story with, because it's NOT explicitly explained to you. You have to gather them from individual Fragments, for Example from what is written on old Tombstones, what the NPCs say or simply conclude from what is happening. However, After The end of the Game on EVERY case, you should find out on the Internet what the other People have found out, you will be amazed how deep this Story is in Reality! Personally, it was a lot of Fun to combine my own Thoughts and to see in the End what the other People found out. Exact Confirmations of the Correctness of the constantly slightly changing Theory which is considered by most to be correct, however, do not exist by the Developers, but they have nevertheless installed a fixed Plot, which they do not reveal in more detail. Difficulty: The Game is a very difficult Game. Everyone will sooner or later find themselves in this Difficulty, but for almost invariably everyone will have a MENGE Frustmoments. However, these are not so negative at all. Most of these Moments will be experienced at Bosses, as you will die there very often at the beginning. Through frequent Dying, however, one begins to understand the Attack patterns of the Boss And sooner or later manages to defeat him. The Feeling of having defeated a Boss is therefore incredibly good and satisfying. Price: In Fact, I would like to talk about the Price of the Game here. Currently It costs €14.99, which is a more than fair Price for this Game. In My Opinion, the Price is actually totally understated. I would well and truly have spent £25 on this Game. The Work and Love that has been put into this Game is clearly felt, and €15 is simply not a fair Price for what has been delivered here. Especially when you consider one thing: The Developers have already teased 4 DLCs. One of them will be released later this Month. And the FREE. I wouldn't be surprised if most others get free, too. Personally, I would almost like to be able to give the Developers more Money for this Game, as €15 + Free DLCs is really little. Conclusion: I hardly have to mention that this Game is a Masterpiece. The ingenious Atmosphere, the Music, the Story, the Difficulty and the many Content that the Game offers. Of Course, the Game is just for People who like the Kind of Metroidvani Games and want to explore a lot freely without being taken by the Hand. But if you're one of those People, buy this Game. It's definitely a Mandatory Title for you!
Tight controls, simple yet robust mechanics, a dense & layered apocalyptic story (also very vague), and gorgeous visuals and music make this one of the most surprising delights of recent years. This game was fucking made for the Nintendo Switch.
«OST on repeat»
Шикарнейшая метроидвания с отличной атмосферой, прекрасной и необычной вселенной. Хардкорная боёвка и вариативная боёвка с прекрасными боссами и персонажами, которые раскрывают мир игры ещё круче. 
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«Sit back and relax»
«That ending!»
Пожалуй, данную игру я могу назвать одной из самых лучших метроидваний, в которые я играл вообще.

Hollow Knight — тот случай, когда за игру можно отдать гораздо больше, чем она стОит, например, в стиме. А всё потому, что игра огромная, без преувеличения. Тут просто тонны крутейшего контента. Мрачная готическая атмосфера, запоминающиеся персонажи, стильная рисовка в классной цветовой гамме, огромный мир с разнообразными локациями и врагами, куча способностей и хитрых амулетов, очень интересный и захватывающий основной сюжет с не менее интересными сайдквестами.

И музыка. Она тут просто божественна. Услышав в самом начале чарующую музыкальную тему Dirtmouth’а вкупе с визуальной составляющей, я тут же влюбился в эту игру, даже не подозревая, сколько в ней ещё удивительных вещей ждёт меня впереди.

У игры очень хорошая продолжительность, она разнообразна и хардкорна, в ней вагон и маленькая тележка секретов и испытаний. На мой взгляд, тут во всём стопроцентное попадание. Образцовый платформер-метроидвания.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
«OST on repeat»
Compré Hollow Knight hace unos meses sin haber leído prácticamente nada sobre el juego. Lo anunciaron en el E3 como "Disponible a partir de hoy" y como la gente reaccionó emocionada (y solo costaba 100 pesos en la eShop) me animé a comprarlo. Nunca me imaginé que este iba a ser mi juego predilecto durante los siguientes tres meses.

Hollow Knight es un metroidvania con animaciones timburtonezcas y un ambiente tétrico, que bien podría ser mi GOTY (tal vez solo compitiendo con Celeste). El juego comienza sin establecer personajes, historias, mapas ni misiones. Nuestro protagonista llega a Hollownest y se dispone a explorar un laberinto no muy grande. Como sucede en los metroidvanias, este laberinto se va expandiendo conforme vamos descubriendo nuevas áreas, y vamos descubriendo nuevas áreas conforme vamos ganando nuevas habilidades. 

Mis cosas favoritas de Hollow Knight, sin orden en particular:

- El hermoso soundtrack de Christopher Larkin

- El verde diseño de la sección de Greenpath.

- Las peleas con Hornet

- El final (tiene como cuatro o cinco finales alternativos, todos dependen de qué tantas misiones pasaste, yo solo he visto uno. Tal vez luego me anime y vea los otros, aunque eso implique dedicarle más horas de juego).

Obra maestra.
Маленький шедевр современного игростроя, сочетающий в себе меланхоличную рисованную метроидванию и элементы серии Souls. Огромными плюсами являются чертовски атмосферный саундтрек и весьма обширный лор
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«OST on repeat»
Очень красивая картинка и миры, которых реально много, большое разнообразие врагов с несколькими паттернами поведения, сложные боссы и мини-боссы, куча способностей, секретов и дел в игре.
В целом игра получилось усложнённой метроидванией, так как деньги при смерти отбирают и надо идти к своему призраку, так как обычные враги бывают довольно сильны, а боссы очень сильны, так как тебя никто не ведёт, а надо искать путь на ощуть (из-за этого часу на 5 начал пользовался прохождением, чтобы сократить шатание по карте). Плюс из Dark Souls ещё взяли идею с подачей сюжета через минимум диалогов, скрытую историю и чтение описания врагов (предметов тут почти нет).
Игру не осилил, так как надоело ходить по одним и тем же локациям, мучиться с боссами плюс в целом довольно сложная и неочевидная структура, что уверен для многих станет наоборот огромным плюсом.