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Comix Zone review
by Kaimynas

This is my favorite game of all time. It was such a huge inspiration for me as a gamer at that time, I haven't played a PlayStation game yet, but Comix Zone gave me a taste of a more mature gaming future. The main character was cool, he cursed, the soundtrack was mostly rock-oriented tunes, I was hooked from the first minutes I saw it.

Even now design wise this game is exceptional. You literally play inside the Comix, you can choose a path which you can follow, there are 2 different endings. I can go on and on about big and little details in the game but it won't change a fact that I just love it to death. It's a hard game, it's a short game and it's definitely a game with flaws, but in my heart it's a perfect game.
«Blew my mind»
«Beaten more than once»

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I remember playing this at my friend's place back in the early 2000's (he had a Sega while I only had a NES). The game stunned me with its distinct visual style, and the very idea of making a beat 'em up in a comics world is ingenious. I am actually surprised nobody made another successful brawler with a similar setting, perhaps they are just afraid to be compared with Comix Zone.
All effects like comics Bangs! and Whacks! look great and moving from one picture to another as well as enemies breaking borderlines are impressive (pictured above). This visiual style also make the game look beautiful and unique now, 20+ years after the release.

It is also quite hard, when I revisited this game a couple of years ago I was beaten like a bitch. So if you want to play a timeless and challenging brawler — this is the game you are looking for. If you have never played it, do yourself a favor!
«Blew my mind»