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Hollow Knight review
by Daniel Guzman

Compré Hollow Knight hace unos meses sin haber leído prácticamente nada sobre el juego. Lo anunciaron en el E3 como "Disponible a partir de hoy" y como la gente reaccionó emocionada (y solo costaba 100 pesos en la eShop) me animé a comprarlo. Nunca me imaginé que este iba a ser mi juego predilecto durante los siguientes tres meses.

Hollow Knight es un metroidvania con animaciones timburtonezcas y un ambiente tétrico, que bien podría ser mi GOTY (tal vez solo compitiendo con Celeste). El juego comienza sin establecer personajes, historias, mapas ni misiones. Nuestro protagonista llega a Hollownest y se dispone a explorar un laberinto no muy grande. Como sucede en los metroidvanias, este laberinto se va expandiendo conforme vamos descubriendo nuevas áreas, y vamos descubriendo nuevas áreas conforme vamos ganando nuevas habilidades. 

Mis cosas favoritas de Hollow Knight, sin orden en particular:

- El hermoso soundtrack de Christopher Larkin

- El verde diseño de la sección de Greenpath.

- Las peleas con Hornet

- El final (tiene como cuatro o cinco finales alternativos, todos dependen de qué tantas misiones pasaste, yo solo he visto uno. Tal vez luego me anime y vea los otros, aunque eso implique dedicarle más horas de juego).

Obra maestra.

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A masterpiece that, for me, just overstayed its welcome and turned into frustration. By the White Palace I just wanted the game to end but it wouldn't just stop and instead decided to pull an utter shitshow after shitshow at you to annoy you to rage and tire you to death. I actually regret not stopping playing after the first ending. A sad disappointment in the end. Still probably would say many good things about it if I wasn't so negative after being tired and frustrated of this game.
this game is genuinely so gorgeous and fun. i had such a great time seeing all there was to see in the game and exploring and talking to every npc i saw on my travels. i could go on about things i love about this game but we would be here for hours! even if it was a little tricky at times, i think i only got genuinely frustrated once during all 100 or so hours ive played this so far haha
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
Exceptional in almost every way.
Godhome is for crazy people
«Blew my mind»
«OST on repeat»
«Can’t stop playing»
«Sit back and relax»
It took me three times but I finally got into this game and I'm glad I did. Beautiful animation, fantastic worldbuilding that you want to explore every inch of, LOADS of content so you can play for hours; it's just all around great. If the game is too challenging for you there are mods to make it easier/help you get better at. 
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
Se você gosta do gênero plataforma, esse é um daqueles jogos indispensáveis, vale cada centavo (embora eu tenha recebido de presente). O jogo, em sua grande parte, é incrível. Um ótimo ritmo, com uma atmosfera e arte magnifica, além de ter um tema inusitado: insetos. Porém, tenho algumas ressalvas. Muitas das coisas que se pode fazer no jogo, é praticamente impossível de se descobrir sozinho. Me encontrei muitas vezes procurando no Youtube aonde ficava um tal amuleto. Porém, a pior coisa nesse jogo muito bem feito, é a DLC Godmaster. Sinceramente, a entrada pra essa DLC, é praticamente impossível de ser localizada, e ainda, uma DLC deverás porca, diga-se de passagem. É basicamente um boss rush. No comecinho era até legal, mas poderia ter parado no terceiro ou quarto panteão. Sério, tem um panteão, que você passa de todos os bosses do jogo, o que dura algo em torno de 30 minutos, pra você chegar no final, e ter que enfrentar um boss totalmente novo, na qual você não consegue vencer de primeira, só se você for um pro da vida, então, você vai treinar, treinar, treinar, treinar, treinar. Depois de muito tempo, você passa desta miséria. Sinceramente, não joguem Godmaster, não vale apena. Sobre tudo, é um ótimo jogo, qualquer banquinho que você senta pode ser um wallpaper pro seu PC, os barulhos que os bosses fazem são memoráveis (destaque pra Hornet e o Defensor de Esterco). Apesar da DLC porca citada acima, Hollow Knight é um jogo que possui muitos pontos positivos que amenizam a ♥♥♥♥♥ dessa DLC, como a possibilidade de criar combinações de amuletos na sua preferência, o mundo vasto, com diversas coisas para fazer. Esse jogo tem muito potencial para ser um dos meus favoritos, porém, as passagens ultra mega secretas, e a DLC Godmaster, não me permitem fazer isso. No mais, estou na espera da sequência.
«Beaten more than once»
Yeah it's solid, just not my favorite Metroidvania. Absolutely saved by its art direction, music included. The story relies a bit too much on "2obscure4u" that everyone and their mother does now for me to call it STRONG, but overall it works along with the atmosphere and art direction to build a mood piece. I don't get why everything is bugs but it mostly works.

Ultimately, I wish there were a few more Metroidvania-y upgraded and the focus was a bit less on combat. Late game areas like The White Palace IMO show that the desire to make a precision platformer was there and they just did not succeed. The combat starts off week but eventually becomes good after a ton of upgrades, save some boss encounters I didn't care for, final boss included. The combat focus can occasionally lead to hashtag difficulty and that can contrast with the way things like healing, health, and damage output are designed. There's some currency and charms that imply an inventory management, but it basically disappears at about the halfway point. Charms are basically not worth changing, mama is easy to gain back, and currency just stops mattering.

I really like how the true ending works in this one. It's up there randomly with Bloodstained in making it (a) apparent that it exists and (b) hidden behind a sidequests that's both more secretive than the main quest while also not being arbitrary (like Symphony of the Night) or random and convoluted like an adventure game. That's how secret endings should work and they did a good job! Unfortunately, the endgame has a lot of backtracking in a big world that makes you reliant on a fast travel system that makes the sidequest a little tedious.
«Blew my mind»
Stunning gameplay, design, art, and vibe. It is very difficult and demands time to master. While a tad on the long side, it is a truly awesome example of a small studio delivering a meaty and beautiful indie Metroidvania experience.
«Blew my mind»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
Man oh man. What a game. Hollow Knight has slowly progressed through the ranks of gaming's most prestigious experiences and for good reason. It can be hard to find much wrong with this game, It is a satisfying adventure from start to finish, Every endeavour has an exciting reward at the end. The entire world is haunting and oppressive yet offers moments of melancholic bliss as the knight takes a moment to catch his breath on a nearby bench. The combat is sturdy and satisfying. Once fully upgraded you become quite versatile but never overpowering and you can easily be outmatched by starting area foes if you become too cocky. The lore is exciting and in depth. Yet the game keeps some of it's biggest mysteries a secret. Inviting speculation and never letting you learn the world to its fullest.

You never feel in control of Hallownest. It remains threatening and foreboding even after jumping into the opening well for the 60th time. It's also important to mention the games soundtrack which is quiet and beautiful and confident and charged at the right times. It remains some of the most encouraging OSTs ever developed and it eggs you on from the sidelines. The story although basic is clever and original. I especially liked the cast of side characters that you find in each side area and follow you throughout the story til it's natural conclusion. The areas are also beautiful and varied and each pack an impressive vary of enemies that tell stories in themselves.
«Can’t stop playing»
«Liked before it became a hit»