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Paradigm review
by Curious_Cat

Haiku Review: Genetics run wild / A sloth that pukes up candy / Lots of fat beatsies
Favorite Thing: It was weird. In a good way.
Least Favorite Thing: The lack of a smart-click. Why must I right-click -> use everything?

Date Completed: 2018-08-10
Playtime: ~ 5h
Enjoyment: 8/10
Recommendation: Point-and-click fans will definitely enjoy it.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
The first game that made a voice laugh, humor is really good, though it requires at least an average knowledge of English, but we live in the 21st century, you can already learn English, so stop complaining about the lack of Russian subtitles pleases the Ficha with Comments of the author, you can listen to how and that created, original and interesting design of characters and the whole game just In a U, the characters are remembered Pug, who is the leader of the cult of heavy metal? Yes please the Crusader at the reception? Take two sloets in a wig? Pick up the cone man? Certainly! Of the minuses only the presence of illogical moments or puzzles, but such moments in the game is not enough if you love Point'n'click quests as well as their love me, then it is stupid to play 9.5 pug leaders of the cult of heavy metal of 10
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Again, a Case for a Thumb to the Side-rather than up or down. But after I Finished writing my Review and read everything again, it was downstairs instead of the top. Funded by Kickstarter in 2014, the Australian Developer is now presenting us with what a Crazy S * * t he has here on his mental Kerbholz. You play a Mutant who looks so bizarrely ugly and strange that this somehow seemed to me like "absolute Design Misdecision" and "Underdog par excellence," and get told in the Beginning that one is a "Prodigy Child"-a virtually a homemade, But unfortunately also somehow misguided prodigy is-in a World that can't be more bizarre and abstract/shy. Here, almost nothing is right on every Pixel and both the Humour and the causal Connections fly through the World like a Squirrel on crack. The seeeeeeeehr special Humour that sometimes reminds me of today's YouTube fantasy generation, which somehow seems to display a hard to describe but peculiar humour, only hits my Taste in 3% of Cases. This doesn't apply per se to all The players out there-but it's a very single-and-peculiar Decal of a Generational humour, just as the 80s and 90s had their Quirks in flat Oneliners and heavily muscular B Movie action heroes. While some of the Ideas (Glitchwelt, Subgame ingame, References to Final Fantasies or other modern Pop Cultures) are nice, what this is ultimately about is completely beside The Point. Actually, it only goes from one Reference and one Idea To the next-an almost already guided train ride through Bizarroland, the rare Baby of Jacob Janerka, which he holds in front of us with Fondness. The Characters are Main diagonally but amiable and memorable as with Daedalic Games with Elaborated Personalities? Nö, Misrepresentation. Stupid Gelaber from front to back-Main Still a Joke squeezed through the digital Anus ... If I'm supposed to tell about the Main Manko of the Game, I start Scolding (see above), but other than that it involves a lot of varied Exciting ideas and by its bizarre Way you basically never know what happens next. But The main Thing is it is shamed. Whoever likes it will be happy. Everyone else just leaves their Fingers off it.