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Singularity review
by Unmedius

It could be immersive sim like Prey 2017 because of the setting. But we've got B-shooter. It's fun, but there's nothing else, unfortunately.
«I could make it better»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Graphically, Singularity hasn't exactly Been State of the Art when It was released in 2010. However, if You like to play atmospherically dense First-person shooters with an entertaining Story line, Singularity can still have a lot of Fun today. Some cool time travel features provide Variety. During The Course Of the game, there are some very powerful Weapons that are urgently needed to keep the growing Number of Adversaries off the Body. If I Have already found the first Half Of the game to be good, I was particularly impressed by the second Half of The game. Here, a highly entertaining Battle lines up with the next one and the weapons & Upgrades that have now been found have a very positive effect on the shooter mechanics. I'm glad I bought it; It was absolutely worth it and I will certainly play it again!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
What is there to say about this Game? It's close to Bioshock's point and what my Russian Uncle Vladimir is to me. First of all, it is Russian, which also applies to this SPiel. Second, he doesn't take it so closely with Details and everything he does seems more likely to seem as half legal. What does this have to do with the Game? The Keyword is Details. Stretingly, a lot of Effort has been put into this, at other Corners it is very loveless. The EMP that sweeps one from Heaven in the first Minute of the Game looks like programmed with Win 95, all Posters and Posters are the same and Have the same Holes and Scratches. These are maybe Little Things but it got me something out of the Game world every time. Then there's a Flashback in some School with a couple of kids in white Dresses running under the Tables, there you find their Corpses and they all wear the same Military Clothes ... Meh... Trifles. Aaaaber, why do I notice anything like that in the Game all The time? Am I really that clever? Impossible, I say! The Weapons are sometimes really funny, like the Seeker, but sometimes quite scrap, like the Pistol with which I don't even meet even a Barn Gate, even if it's two Meters in front Of me. Maybe it's up to me, too, but I feel better at the Thought that it's the Gun. Otherwise, there are many very pre-looking events. ' Oh, a Lead I have to jump down but I can't go high after that? Not that a new Enemy type Immediately attacks me as soon as I jump down " So it's a bad Game? No. It has quite its Moments and the Atmosphere is there, albeit a bit bumpy. So anyone who thinks that Bioshock has a little too little Communism feels in good hands here.