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Marvel's Spider-Man review
by Arturas

First, let me make this clear. If you're a fan of Spider–Man this game is definitely for you, no matter what earlier relationships with games you've had. It's the best one in the series by far, also truly immersible and easy to pick up. Just stop reading and go play it!

For everyone else I must say, that it's a good game. High production values, good writing, interesting story and flawless navigation and combat systems make it into a gem of licensed super-hero games. Hardcore gamers, however, will find it lacking, due to several reasons:

• It's an open world game that can be cleared to 100% completion within 15-20 hours. So it's rather short, probably intending to cash in on sweet, sweet DLC deals.
• It's open world mechanics lack innovation. Even though everything works just fine, every activity (with some minor exceptions) is seen somewhere else, turned into a joke somewhere else, or are already gone and replaced by something new in the latest AAA open world titles. In that regard, Spider-Man is awfully classic (Do story mission, find a tower, populate the map with secondaries and pick up's, clear the map, rinse, repeat). In this case, most secondary activities are locked behind a story, to force players out and about, yet some things still get kind of repetitive. Not annoying, but that's mostly due to overall play time, again it's rather short, especially considering large, beautiful and in many ways amazing city that we're given to roam freely.
• Without Spider-Man as a character, game would barely stand–out from a shadow of latest open world/action games, yet some things remain true in any case: It's sticking to fingers, extreme fun to play (explore and combat both), well written and a bit unexpected from time to time. The game in many ways feels kind of reminiscent of Infamous 2, even hero characters are somewhat lookalike and for those not really attached to Spidey guy, I'd even say that Infamous was way better, or at least exploited city gameplay better.

I really loved token system economy for character upgrades, suit selection (Spoiler alert: I added a picture of my favorite one below :D) and tongue in cheek special abilities that come with them. So I may have lied just a bit by saying that there are no innovations at all. There is, but not enough :D.

Verdict: Recommended for purchase. Day 1 for fans and with first big discount one can get for everyone else :D.

P.S.: „Are you a trophy hunter? That's a Platinum Trophy over the weekend just right here!“.

It comes with an equalizer superpower, one hit finishes anyone, including You :D
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
«Sit back and relax»

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I mean who doesn't want to be Spider-Man.
The best Spiderman game so far.
Swinging is great, the story is very good and combat is fun enough to last through the game
«Can’t stop playing»
really best spider man game play
Loved this game! The swinging and play was so great that the fast travel system was almost not needed as it was too much fun traversing New York! The bosses were perfect yet surprised to see so many. It is a joy to come back to!
«Can’t stop playing»
«Beaten more than once»
"This game makes you feel like Spider-Man" 

But really, this game is awesome. The combat is fast and fluid, the story and characters are well realized, and this game just emphasis FUN. Some of the side content could be a little tedious to complete but other than that it's a must play for any lovers of great single player games. 9/10. 
«Can’t stop playing»
Its great, Marvel showed that they too can make a good superhero game up there with DC's Arkham franchise, now whilst they have taken strong influence by them, I'm glad they did as it works well with the web slinging and the way Spider-Man fights is shown brilliantly here.
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
I mean like...
The swinging tho, so weighty...

Insomniac has never made a bad game
The music loops so much with the same leitmotif that it'll remind you of Mercenaries, MJ is a total female dog but you're supposed to like her and her terrible mission parts, ALL the good guys seem like they either judgmentally quip or cry like the game is set in Portland, the vast majority of the game feels like you're repeating the same mission which doesn't help when the writing is boring and I learned very quickly to associate Yuri Lowenthal's voice with a sharp pain in my temporal lobe... but it's still fun in short bursts, looks nice and has an easy platinum trophy so, yeah, it's cheap now, why not? If you liked Prototype and think Spider-Man is neat, you'll probably love it. If bad voice acting makes you want to kill yourself and then kill yourself again in the afterlife, mute the TV whenever Screwball shows up. Imagine a mom Karen trying to be funny by dropping air mics and saying "boom" but much, much, much louder.