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The Outer Worlds review
by Christopher James Manglos

I have a hard time with RPGs because many mistake lore and tasking for narrative. Knights of the Old Republic did not exhibit this problem. In that game, conversations with NPCs were nuanced & vital to the experience. The Outer Worlds looks great and plays well, but it is so over-encumbered with vapid conversations, that it really hurts the experience.

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If I have to eat one more science project passed off as food in this sprat fucked colony, I'm going to stab someone.

It's Fallout in space, it's just good. Go buy it or redbox it or whatever.
Favorite Thing: It's a solid Fallout-like that doesn't overstay its welcome.
Least Favorite Thing: The game is a cake walk on normal. And that 100% crash near the end.

Date Completed: 2019-11-15
Playtime: 19h
Enjoyment: 8/10
Recommendation: Definitely.
You remember in Fallout and Wasteland games where your actions had consequences, people remembered what you did to them and their friends, and the writing made everyone morally grey so that deciding on who to help made you take pause and think for a while before choosing a course of action?

I do, and now that The Outer Worlds is here, everyone can live those wonderful days of meaningful story and fascinating characters.

The game does not shove politics or The Current Year in your face, while taking the time to cause you to think a little more deeply about important things.  It's not an anti-capitalism screed, as even the arch-capitalists have good qualities to balance out their characters.  Spacer's Choice isn't a bastion of freedom, but it's not necessarily a power for evil, either.  The game's universe reflects more upon Feudal society, with the corporations acting as Lords who control the serfs under them and grudgingly accept the free men and women who pad out the world.

The bad guys aren't all bad, the good guys aren't all good, and people who you think should be one often turn out to be another.

It's a game full of shades of grey which not only make for an impactful first runthrough but also tempt with offers of future gameplay with actual divergent pathways, instead of just playthroughs with arbitrary black marks and gold stars doled out by the game writers when you follow their arbitrarily decided upon good and evil actions.

You are your own worst judge, jury, and executioner in this game, as only you are responsible for your decisions in a world where all options are on the table and often morally ambiguous.
«Can’t stop playing»
“The Outer Worlds is great at being good”

Enjoyed it, but won't go for a second playthrough
Felt like a return to form to an older form of rpg that has been lost in the mainstream because of the streamlining. Character customization and creation was important from the very beginning. And then though I did  playthrough without the use of my party, the writing for your crew was so good I was compelled to complete their personal quest lines. 

It's nice to have an rpg as focused as this was, it felt like you were never lost as to what you could he doing, quests forced you to explore and as you explored you encountered more quests. A delightful loop that kept you busy throughout. 
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«Can’t stop playing»