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New Super Lucky's Tale review
by Foxotic

It was really tough whether to decide if I want to recommend this for the Nintendo Switch at its current form. But I have to say, even with all the bells and whistles, I cannot recommend this game over the first Super Lucky's Tale.

Although everyone at Playful Studios has truly put their passion into New Super Lucky's Tale, I can only say there is more I "hoped for" in this final polish of the first official Super Lucky's Tale story.

What was great about the first Lucky Game was how "snappy" Lucky felt, but this, unfortunately, isn't the case in the new game:

> The game is capped at 30fps, very noticeable if you have played the previous game. There are no options to change the graphics settings for those who may prefer performance over visuals.

>The hitboxes are generalized, as opposed to the first SLT every hitbox encompassed the entire mesh of surface (which was a great thing!)

The new cutscenes were enjoyable nonetheless, but this is one of those games that don't let you skip any of them. Whether you want to speedrun this game or just get through a level quickly, the cutscenes and camera pan over each level cannot be skipped. It makes the pace of the game forcibly slow and can be quite annoying to need to watch cutscenes more than once if you lose a life.

Lack of save slots, achievements, and full-game progression tracking is a huge miss for me as well. The game highly encourages collecting everything, but the experience did not feel as rewarding as the first game. The only major improvement in this area is the price of clothing being greatly reduced, but I found the motive to unlock all clothing pieces had dwindled as I progressed through the game.

I still highly dislike the idea of "unlimited" currency in Lucky's Tale. It adds an element to farming which makes collecting much less enjoyable than it ought to be. Having a confined amount of coins allows the player to check off boxes and have a true sense of completion for each stage. I'd like to see the next game implement this.

The mechanics and sluggish feel of Lucky is the dead-bolted reason I cannot recommend this game. The polish is almost there, and I have loved Lucky and its potential to become a great IP. 

It was interesting to see how they implemented the original DLC into the main questline. I found traveling to Gilly Island to be a much more rewarding experience rather than to not have a Lady Meowmalade boss fight at all, what felt strange, however, was Foxington. I won't spoil anything, but this section felt very out of place in both games. I think it needed to see more polish & be the absolute first world you enter in the game. It would make more sense to have Lucky train as a guardian & learn the ropes as any tutorial section would have you, and although the ending led to a taste at what is to come, I didn't feel like it was in the right place. I will ALWAYS praise bonus content after a final boss, but in this case, it didn't feel like that -- ergo, felt like a "finished and then some."

What this game needs to get a thumbs up from me:
>An option to play this game at 60fps, whether sacrificing visuals or not.
>Lucky's Guidebook allows you to see everything you have collected / need
>Achievement / Challenge system like the first game

What is most important about any game is how the character feels. The satisfaction of quick, tight, fast controls is a big part of what makes that. New SLT does introduce a lot of fun mechanics, but it, unfortunately, is not as rewarding as the first game. Lucky no longer walks on all fours, which made for a very fluid turning experience, and made the title feel very unique, is now replaced with a slow buildup 2 legged run with very un-fluid turning. For that reason, until we may see updates to New SLT that address these changes, I can only recommend the old version over the new. Looking forward to what Playful has in store for us!
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