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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt review
by Refractionn

This game is overrated! Is probably what your thoughts will be as a person who straight jumped into the 3rd witcher game, it’s a massive game, and your opinion about it would count after at least 30 hours which is almost the time to play a new game, those who feel overwhelmed by it and found it tedious will probably not wait for ~30 hours to decide. Which is unfortunate, as its only after about 30 hours that this game progresses from something that is tedious/slow/overwhelming to come show itself to be one of the most polished deep video games that's been made to date. And when I say deep I don’t meant it to be very abstract in its writing, or bombarding the player with themes and theories that they couldn’t have up with, in fact there is nothing very deep or unexpected in it. What it has however is a sense of scale that is unsurpassed in any video game I've ever played.
The Witcher 3 continues the story of Geralt of Rivia, a known monster slayer aka Witcher who …you guessed it ..kills monster! After the events of the Witcher 1 & 2 Geralt has restored his memory and now he is searching for his former partner Yennefer of Vengerberg, Geralt with Yennefer have to look for Ciri who is constantly on run and is being chased by the "Wild Hunt"
The story starts slow as Geralt wants to find Ciri his adopted daughter, the game just like its prequels consists of prologue, acts, epilogue, the prologue starts with a tutorial area called White Orchard which teaches the player about the game and introduces them to its basics, it is this part that is slow and tedious because the game didn’t kick in yet, the game continues with act 1 main goal which is to find Ciri, the story may seem very simple as you have to look for a character but inside the journey Geralt will meet very complex characters and the main quests start going branching paths to side quests who are among the greatest side quests ever written in gaming. The game continues with ACT 2 and takes into the epic battle genre this time, in this act the game has lord of the rings vibes, an epic battle, which then continues on its epic scale into ACT 3, until the epilogue which can vary depending on the player decisions in the game. No matter what ending the player gets it always has something great and emotional behind it.
The story doesn’t end there, after the main game CD project RED introduces an expansion (Hearts of Stone) which is a short story expansion that blew my mind at how smartly written and engaging it is, the expansions introduces one of the most cunning and mysterious villains in history of gaming, and another equally amazing character. Unlike the main game in terms of side quests the quantity is very low, as the main focus here was to tell the short story in the main quest. The expansion also added some of the best boss fights in the whole series, boss fights that were a huge step up from the main game, requiring more mechanics to beat and having more advanced pattern.
The story progresses afterwards to reach the second expansion (Blood and Wine) which marks the end of Geralt journey, in my opinion an expansion one of its kind, very huge area that is also very beautiful, contains some of my favorite characters in the series, the expansion starts as a murder mystery then progresses into something fairytale-like that is full of neat references to famous books and finishes with one of the most memorable boss fights I have ever had in gaming.

It has to be noticed I have not mentioned the other aspects of the game, which I will cover in short. The Gameplay itself is very good, and while the combat and controls may feel clunky at first it won't take much time to get used to them, which afterwards Geralt feels like a dancing swordsman which is what he really is (according to the books and the lore). The combat itself is fairly basic and limited (again because of the lore) and contains light/heavy attack and dodge(side-step)/Roll buttons as well as having signs (mini-magic) it has similarities to Batman combat system, however I find the combat to start getting more advanced and having more depth once the players starts going with alchemy (bombs-oils-decoctions-potions) which basically adds new abilities to the gameplay, on higher difficulties the player needs to take advantage of monsters, read about their weakness and use the Witcher tools to overcome the challenge, the gameplay progresses by increasing levels and unlocking more skills to make various builds and especially around the second expansions it adds another layer to it by adding something called mutations. There are a lot of monsters and each has interesting ideas and design behind them. The dialogue choices are impactful and then there is one of my favorite mini games ever made called Gwent, a tactical card game that is really enjoyable, I sunk many hours into it while forgetting about the quests that im doing.

The Music is Slavic inspired and feels folklorish, its simple music most of the time, not an orchestra type of music, its simple and has as Geralt says "Nice Tune" it contains many memorable soundtracks.
The voice acting is greatly done as well, there is a difference in accents between regions which strongly showcase the different cultures the game tries to portray.

The art direction is simply breathtaking, the game is very screenshot worthy, to understand this point simply go to any thread on the internet and check for Witcher 3 shots, preferably on PC high settings and the amount of details and beautiful art design is mindblowing. It looks amazing.

The character cast is among my favorite, they have great distinct personalities, they have good development and backstory counting the previous games as well, some of the most complex and well written characters in gaming are presented in Witcher series, memorable cast with beautiful design and nice personality. You may notice most characters are not really good and not really bad, its shades of gray as in Witcher world there is no absolute evil or good.

Overall the game is open world story driven rpg, the main draw behind the game is its worldbuilding and writing which has main & side quests and characters. The game has the other good aspects as well, but if you are into open world story driven rpg games I cannot recommend this one enough, it is a must play game and is truly among the greatest games of all time, its recommended that you at least be familiar with the prequels Witcher 1 and Witcher 2 at least, to further understand the story better and enhance your experience and immersion. Thank you for Reading!

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Best Game I've played so far.
«Blew my mind»
One of the best games I ever played.
A game that is flawless in every aspect except the combat, which is merely passable. One of the most beautiful games ever made with each area being a treat to the eyes, whether it's the swamps of Velen, the city of Novigrad, the islands of Skellige or the lush countryside of Toussaint. World building is top notch - I always enjoy reading the bestiary and journal entries of various characters you meet. The characters are all fantastic, Geralt, Ciri, Yennefer, Trish, etc. are instantly likable and interesting, and while Eredin might not be the best villain ever made, it is more than made up for with Gaunter o'Dimm and Detlaff van der Eretain in the two DLCs. The story is gripping from beginning to end and the side quests are equally fantastic as well. Music is also great, especially in the Skellige region. Role play aspect is also done very well, I rarely if ever felt like my dialogue options were meaningless. Gwent is also quite addicting. 

Again, combat could be better and there are quite a lot of bugs but otherwise it's an absolute must-buy and is a game that sets the standards for RPGs everywhere. 
«Blew my mind»
One of the best games I’ve ever played the soundtrack the story the world building all amazing 
This is the most perfect game which ı played. 
Platform: PC (started on GOG, completed on Steam)

Playtime: 231h 35m (Steam) / 38h 6m (GOG) - includes DLCs and expansions

Completion Date: Jan 13, 2018

Popular Review: "Massive in size, and meticulously detailed, The Witcher 3 ends Geralt's story on a high note."

My Review: This is a near perfect game. CD Projekt Red created amazing open world which is inviting player to explore it on every step. Great written NPCs are helping you to lost yourself in this world. The soundtrack is unforgettable. With superb storytelling, challenging combat, exciting choices, and unpredictable consequences, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a must-play RPG game.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
«Sit back and relax»
«Can’t stop playing»
Absolutely fantastic. Couldn't put the controller down. 
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
Time: 205h
205 hours later, finally beat it! Played through both Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine as well as what had to be every side quest in the base storyline. The main story was great, but I have to agree with what a lot of people thought, which was that the Blood and Wine expansion was just as good if not better than the main story. Toussaint and the many additions (grandmaster armor, mutagens, Corvo Bianco, etc.) all played into a fantastic ending to the Witcher 3. On my playthrough, I think I got the best ending: saving Syanna, killing Dettlaff, and despite Regis being exiled, Geralt and him part amicably which I liked. The ending was a nice cap to the main story. Hearts of Stone was good as well - Ogeird was a character, and Gaunter O’Grimm certainly made things interesting. Enjoyed all the different areas, Skellige and Toussaint being my favorite (except for the fact that so many points of interest in Skellige were in the water and required a boat). There were certainly parts towards the end where I was tired of continuing to play...but I’m glad I finished it. One of the best games I’ve played, and certainly managed to keep my attention for many, many hours.
«Can’t stop playing»
The Witcher 3 is by far my favorite game I've ever played.  There are no words that accurately describe the feeling this game gives you when you play it for the first time.  The multiple astounding themes this game presents from politics to family, from war to love, and from loyalty to differing beliefs, they all make The Witcher 3 feel grounded in reality while still being a fantasy game.  What makes this game so great is its astounding writing.  Every quest you do, every character you encounter, every monster you fight, feels real in the sense that the characters and stories are never two dimensional.  Every character has a story to tell, and the characters will present you with tough decisions that will make you question your morals.  Another thing that makes this game so exceptional is its characters, specifically the main cast.  Every character in this game is fleshed out with hours of content that make you care about them.  Every character has their own identity and personality that makes for some of the best chemistry between characters a game has ever seen.  From Geralt's charisma to Yennefer's sarcasm from Zoltan's wit to Vezemir's wisdom, all make for a memorable cast that people can invest and sympathize with on a deeper level.  Now it might sound like I am praising this game to no end, but I would like to state that before going into the game, I had a very closed mind.  From what I saw through videos and from what I heard from friends, I thought the game was going to be too hardcore and another generic unrealistic fantasy game with no relatability to the player.  So this game had to fight against an (unfair) negative bias I had and still managed to not only surpass my low expectations but it managed to climb the ranks of my favorite games.  Genuinely, the only thing I didn't like about the game was after I beat all the main content and DLC, I felt a void because the story and characters I got invested in had to come to an end. All in all, I definitely recommend this game to anyone who likes a really good singleplayer story game.