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The Invisible Hours review
by StevenFortney

Story was good. Concept was good. Played this on the non-VR version without knowing what it was -- it promised a Nikola Tesla murdery mystery for $5 -- how could I refuse? At any rate, I could see it being a lot more effective in VR, but even so the long stretches where not a lot happens and the ending that just kinda ends left me sour on it. If the promise of a Nikola Tesla murder mystery is as enticing to you as it is for me, probably would still recommend. And I do think that this kind of thing could work a lot better with some tweaks.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
In The invisible Hours, as an invisible Outsider, we observe a Murder at The Tesla Estate (tested with the HTC Vive) At the start of the Game, we reach the Mansion by Boat, being the wrong Expression. Detective Gustav Gustav (yes, that's The name) reaches the Property and he finds the Host Nikola Tesla murdered in the Entryway. In addition to the Detective, there are several famous But also obscure people in the Property and now it is important to find the Killer. We ourselves cannot interact with the Figures or draw attention to them. Like an invisible Spirit, we observe what Is happening, track the individual Characters and gradually learn what's going on. Any Protagonist would have good Reasons for the Murder, but who did what and when? We can enter the entire Mansion and even Rewind and rewind. So it is possible for us to observe every Person in all their Hustle and bustle. Sometimes you feel like a Voyeur, because you observe and eavesdropping on the Characters during personal Actions. In addition, we can look at all sorts of Items by simply Grabbing them with the Trigger. Important Things like Diaries, Photos and Newspaper clippings, but also significant Objects glow yellowish, everything else white. Teleportation is Used For Locomotion, in addition, we can also explicitly observe individual Characters with a Follow-up Mode. By pressing the Menu Button we get into the Theater, there we can jump at any Time and meticulously understand on a Map the Path of the individual People, The Graphics make a good Impression, even if the Textures are not high-resolution sees the World Matching and the Characters well off. The German Setting has succeeded very well, there is definitely nothing wrong here. I also really liked the Idea Of implementing a Crimea story in this way. The Story and characters are interesting and everything seems well thought out. Only a little more Activity would have done the Characters good in some Scenes, sometimes they are observed Staring out of the Window or the like for minutes. But this is Whining at a high Level. Overall, the Concept goes up very well and is great. After 2.5 Hours, I have completed Chapter 1 of 4 and will gradually continue to search for the Killer. Here I have to admit, however, that I have given myself a lot of time, the Chapter could surely have been finished faster Only the Price seems a bit high to me despite the professional Implementation, I would perhaps wait for a Sale. Greeting Ziffi Ziffi's Game tips as Curator: