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Battle Chasers: Nightwar review
by MrSpanky

Beautiful game with an entertaining combat system, but plagued by stutters, unbalanced game leveling and difficulty curve and too much focus on repetition.

- Visually beautiful, from the hand crafted maps to the randm generated dungeons
- Nice combat animations and special abilities
- Good soundtrack and atmospheric ambient sound
- Multiple characters to choose that increase replay value
- Lots of secret item and quests to discover
- Wide variety of enviroments ranging from frozen lands to halloween themed cemeterys
- Relaxing fishing mini-game

- Huge stutters on worldmap on high-end hardware
- Character flickering on worldmap traveling
- Combat animations have no speed-up or skip option
- Characters not in party gain no XP
- Party management only before enetring a dungeon or at main hub inn
- Some quests are hidden in dungeons that rely on random event spawn
- Legendary weapon material gathering is reliant on random encounters
- Special vendor items are disappointing
- Cheesy and predictable story
- Main protagonist voice is cringe worthy

Bugs can be fixed and so can game leveling issues. What remains is a great game worth the asking price.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a turn-based dungeoncrawler RPG with tactical Depth Gameplay The core Gameplay element of the Game is like all Battles-based RPGs the Combat System. Their own Party (consisting of up to 3 Members, a total of 6 Characters) and the Opponents alternate in Fights, each with both actions that are immediately applicable and those that take longer and may need to be prepared over several Rounds. It is particularly Worth noting here the Implementation of Synergies (Skills amplify/change other Skills), which Are Across characters and also applicable to individual Characters. It is practically impossible to choose a Group Tell-up in which no Synergies are possible. Your Application is virtually binding later In the game If you want to defeat the strongest Opponents and Bosses. The Skillsystem has Also been well implemented in my opinion. With each Level-Up, a Character gets two Advantage Points that represent the Skill Points in the Game. He can invest this in his two Advantages trees, which represent the possible Orientations of a Character, and redistribute them at any time at no means of further Redistribution, which allows you to adapt to any Situation. Benefit Points are also available through Textbooks, which you can either find or buy. As a small Bonus, you get passive Bonuses for the Character in question in each benefit tree for distributing a certain amount of benefit points. The Crafting System is also relatively flexible. As usual, certain Materials are required to Make an Object. In Battle Chasers: Nightwar this is only partially true, since you can add or take any of The Materials you need, in order to influence the Success rate of the Production And to maintain the manufactured Object at different Quality levels, such as those From MMORPGs. Equipment, Potion and Enchantments can be produced. All at different Levels of quality If you have enough Material. Dungeons are randomly generated in the Game and contain only a few Rooms that are free of Chance such as the Room of the Boss at the End or the Entrance area. Thus, the Dungeon is different with Each Attempt, which brings The Disadvantage that for Endamecraft Recipes and Side Quests you usually need Materials or Bosses that are sometimes not found in the Dungeons, because their Appearance is random. Dungeons can be used at different Levels of difficulty, with the highest resetting the Dungeon in The Event of a Group defeat, but retaining all captured items and in heavier dungeons waiting for higher quality rewards. "No risk, no fun," as it's so beautifully called. An Arena mode is also included, in which one Conquers wave after wave of enemies under Time Pressure, Rewards for capable Fighters included. Graphat/Soundtrack The Graphics are quite high quality, special attacks by Heroes and Bosses Are staged by small Sequences and the Cutscenes are a little reminiscent of a Comic. The Original Soundtrack Is also not to be scorned. Summary Pro tactically deep-seated Battles Many Rewarding side quests dungeons at different Difficulty levels and repeatably motivating Crafting system lot Lore Neutral Dungeons mostly randomly generated contra some spelling/ Translation/Syncro Error in the German Translation inactive Characters leveln not with some optional bosses and events for crafting and Quests in Random Dungeons partly untraceable conclusion Battle Chasers: Nightwar may have small, partly avoidable quirks, is But due to the deep Gameplay and rich Lore a great Game for les-friendly, Collectors and Casual as well as pro gamers. Clear Buy recommendation