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Shenmue III review
by Macky

Shenmue 3 is disappointing. The story just repeats itself from Bailu and Niaowu and nothing happens, from I what heard, until the very end of the game is when anything exciting happens. No build up like in Shenmue 1 or 2, there's nothing pulling on a string making you want to see what happens next. Never bothered to even finish it because the same sub plots is the exact same shit in the previous location. I got up to Grandmaster Whoever his name is after getting the arcane book then he told me to beat the Dojo leader just so he can teach me the move (this same exact sub plot happens in the previous location).

Combat system is mixed, don't hate it or like it, I prefer the older system from 1 and 2. However the combat feels like a grind. You are forced to level up your attack and endurance just to progress the story by doing minigames multiple times and defeat the leader of the Dojo; it is an extremely monotonous experience. This would have been alleviated if there was a single sub plot that if Ryo had to train his kung fu somewhere and get better over a period of time instead of forcing the player to do these minigames and defeat the leaders multiple times just so you can progress.

I like the mindless distractions in Shenmue 3, but it feels overwhelming with all the various items and sets that I just don't bother completing them.
The most enjoyment I had from Shenmue 3 is enjoying the scenery in Bailu picking Herbs and talking to Shenhua about Ryo's and Shenhua's past, that is the most character development you will get in the game and it is not even development. Instead of playing Shenmue 3, my friend got me Yakuza 0 to play instead.

4/10 Just watch the ending on youtube and you'll save yourself time and money.
«Disappointment of the year»
«Waste of time»
«Ugly as my life»

Other reviews3

I thought the first half of the game was amazing but I got kinda sick of the game by the end. I felt as if the second half was just a repeat of the first half. You also had to grind for money and that got really annoying. Ending was nice but nowhere near as good as the endings in the previous games.

The locations and atmosphere were great though.

«Sit back and relax»
Faithful sequel to Shenmue fans.
«Sit back and relax»