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A Bird Story review
by Roman

Just a short speechless story, absolutely predictable and not catchy at all. Looks like an announce of "Finding Paradise", but I would prefer to watch a trailer and don't spend an hour on this game.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
In the following Text I reflect my Opinion, which can be completely different from your Opinion, dear Reader! A Bird Story is the second Game of Freebird Games, which with To The Moon a small indie masterpiece (mainly because of the Story-because of the Gameplay definitely not ... See my TTM Review). Unlike TTM, A Bird Story is not in the slightest text-heavy-it's "text-free." The story (Which is once again very much in the Foreground) is meant to be called in Pictures (by which I do not mean (!), that then pictures Come again Slideshows! Pixelart animations as in TTM are Program). This has been done pretty well and leaves room For interpretation here and there, so players can discuss the Meaning of some Scenes. The Story is about a Boy who seemingly dreams of Flying and one Day saves an injured Bird from a Badger-creating a special Friendship. Gameplay is present, but seems too squeezed in many Places (for example, if you have to press two specific Arrow keys in order to remove the Bandage from the Bird-so that the Newly interrupted animation can continue. You could have put that right into the Animation-absolutely pointless!). Unlike in TTM, there is also no special Gameplay that is somehow relevant to the Story (in TTM, after all, there was the Loosening of Memento, which were nicely built up and also seemed a little innovative). It took me 80 Minutes (with discovering a Secret, more later) for the whole Game, which was a bit disappointing. TTM costs about twice as much, but takes 4 times as much Time to Play Through and together with the free ones (!) DLC EVEN more so. Compared to TTM, A Bird Story is a bit expensive. After the End of the Game, the second Episode after TTM is announced by a Picture with two lettering (who doesn't remember: After the End there was something like this: "Episode 1: To The Moon" and a Tick behind it-which means there will be more Episodes): Finding Paradise. In the Picture, a Lifetime bar Can be seen like Johnny's, only for the Person to appear to be the Boy from A Bird Story. Why am I mentioning two other Games here? Since you should probably have played Bird Story to understand the Content of Finding Paradise (for which no release date was mentioned in the Picture). If you liked the Soundtrack of TTM, you will definitely like the Soundtrack of this Game. However, some Tracks are more like Remixes of TTM Tracks. If you want to have the Soundtrack, you should buy the Bundle, after all, you can save around €3. Final Conclusion: A small, beautiful Indie game, but that something is expensive When compared to TTM. More than a little Prehistory to See Finding Paradise. Thank you for the Attention and Time. -Prometheus