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Need for Speed Rivals review
by Serge Ulankin

This is a good racing game, probably one of the best of the NFS series. The variety of cars is good, enough upgrading and modification options to keep you interested and personalize the car. The racing challenges are different and entertaining. However I didn't like that laps were quite long and you could easily spend much more than 10 minutes for a single race.

Another drawback for me was that you can't play without being chased by cops. I understand that this is kind of the point of the game, but sometimes (especially when you have a high-level car) it is really annoying. It would be great if there were some races with no cops or if there was an option to turn cops off while free-roaming. The chasing itself is also not so fun as it was in Most Wanted – there are no creative ways of how you can escape cops, you just have to speed up. As you might've already guessed, I wasn't a huge fan of playing for cops, but the mode itself can be quite interesting for those who don't mind joining the dark side of the racing world.

The story is close to the Fast & Furious movies — dumb and uninventive. I'm not sure why they decided to write the story for the game at all. 

Despite all the things I disliked about the game, I think this is a good racing game if you play it from time to time. I think the online mode must be pretty competitive, although I'm not sure if it is still alive in 2018. I'd recommend the game if you love fast cars and chases.