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Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight review
by NafaryusDestiny

A short and sweet metroidvania with gorgeous pixel art, fun and challenging bosses, and the perfect amount of depth for its length. It completely okay to play without having played previous Momodora games. The only downside is that a fair amount of content (in the form of items) is locked behind beating each boss without taking a hit. The game is replayable with a New Game+ that includes new enemy placements and a harder difficulty level for the masochistic among us, but I didn't play either. I would've liked another way to acquire those items, or at least less powerful versions of each.

Would recommend to fans of metroidvanias, or those who are looking to try out the genre.

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Tried to be both Dark Souls and Castlevania (plus anime tiddies if that wasn't already obvious enough) and ended up being neither. Combat never changes throughout the game, much of the "challenge" boils down to enemies being bullet-spongey and hitting hard with few opportunities to properly heal. Most of the backtracking is just backtracking, unlike proper Metroidvanias where you get upgrades that re-contextualize the way you traverse previous areas in new ways, whereas this game is just "pick which fork in the road you want to go down first." It has promise but it just doesn't do enough with the foundation to warrant much more.
At first, Momodora RUTM may seem like a linear Metroid game with somewhat stiff controls but is until you clear the tutorial area that this game truly starts to shine.

The game is roughly 6 hours and you barely feel them, once you enter the main area, the map is for you to explore at your own pace and way, once you enter an area there is some lore and NPCs to encounter and rapidly face a boss, it is fast and that is one of the strengths of this game, it doesn't waste its or your time. The world is charming and sad, merge that with a simple but beautiful art style and music and you have a solid game. As far as gameplay goes, it is simple but effective, you only have one weapon and one combo but you have to dodge a lot in order to evade attacks, which can be very punishing, so the challenge is good, at least in normal difficulty. The story is told in a similar fashion as the likes of Dark Souls and Bloodborne and it's pretty effective, although the sad mood of this game is at times accompanied by some silly and charming moments, so it's a little lighthearted at times, a welcomed thing

 They were certain moments which I won't spoil, but I didn't expect to be this effective, particularly with one of the bosses, it was outstanding, speaking of bosses, they can be challenging but at times you can cheat a little with the equipment you get and broke the game if only by moments, is not that bad but it feels a little safer than it should.

I can't recommend Momodora 4(?) enough, its developers deserve a lot of praise and a lot of money, I can only imagine what these guys can do if they only have the budget.
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
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Microsoft from Deutsch
I can only recommend this Game! Control: Joy-jo Key-no. I would definitely recommend a Joypad, on the Keyboard you get insane if you're not used to that. Combat System: Varied. I say it never gets boring to fight. It's not a pointless "I just spame a Button all the Time" but Tactics are in demand. With many Opponents, you first have to find the Trick to defeat them. Soundtrack: Celestial ~ It really always fits the Situation, whether it'S Boss fighting, Area or Event. Story: Well mixed in. Of course, the Main Sense Of the Story lies in "Hero Goes to eradicate Evil," but little Characters are hidden everywhere, all carrying their little "Story." Artwork: Classy. It is not too exaggerated HD but also not superpixel, which gives the Game this certain retro feeling that I love * ~ * game Length: All right. When you play for the first time and have to explore everything, you have been hanging on to everything for a little longer, but once you know where what is, then you rusht through quickly. But as I said, the first time you play, the Length is very pleasant. You don't always need 100 + Hours for a good Game. Rather a little shorter but a better comb;) leave it!
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight is a beautiful, gritty Pixel Game with a beautiful Atmosphere. You are a Priest and your Task is to remove a Curse that afflicts your Village as well as the entire Kingdom. Even though it's such a simple Story, it just doesn't want to be any more. Storytelling is not writ large here. The first thing I realized about this Game was that it reminded me a Lot of a 2D Pixel Dark Souls. I put my Hand in the Fire and say something that is very Mainstream, but that really really is my first Thought. You jump, roll and punch your way through the Opponents until you finally get to a Boss and then it's on to the next Area. There is not much To say about the Music and The environment: For such a low-cost Game you have put up with a lot of work. Melancholy and oppressive, but beautifully stirring. Even if some Sound Effects hurt in my Ears, you can still fuse it. The Gameplay is simple and easy to master. You have a Bow, a Roll and a Gun. You don't need Any more than that either. The Control is very precise and responds to every Push of a Button as far as possible. There are many Bosses, where you can skip many, and has its own Difficulty. The Game won't be easy as you take a lot of Damage, even if there are different Levels of difficulty. For that, the Length of the Game is the only Blemish. In less than 5 Hours you saw everything, even badly hidden Secrets. In short, It's a pretty underrated game that absolutely needs more Attention as it gets everything right that you can do right for a Pixel Game. It's an almost must-have Title. Almost But only. The Length of the Game, however, draws this into The Negative. A DLC with new History would be the best thing that could happen to the Game.
One of my favorite platformers, very exciting and stimulating. Something about it makes me replay it on and on.
«Blew my mind»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»