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Undertale review
by NafaryusDestiny

Unfortunately, I can't recommend this game. It's a little piece of gaming history that is talked about more than it should have been. A modern day cult classic. The game, at its core, just isn't fun, but I don't think it was designed to be. There's moments where the gameplay and the writing shine through, where I breath a sigh of relief after an intense boss battle or genuinely laugh at a well pulled off joke. But a vast majority of my playtime was not those moments.

There's some truly cringeworthy character design and dialogue, to a point where I can't tell if it's a caricature or not. Most of my playtime was spent walking from A to B.

For what it's worth, I played the true pacifist route with very basic knowledge of what I was getting into.

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this game is responsible for everything from my friend group, my taste in women, my taste in music, and why im instinctively a cyberbully.
«That ending!»
«Beaten more than once»
this game raised me!
«Blew my mind»
Overall: 4/10
Gameplay: 3/10
Story: 5/10
Music: 7/10

TLDR: Undertale is a massively overhyped game. The story is far less innovative than people say, relying on cheap hat tricks instead of making you (or the writers) put in any real emotional labor. Its philosophy is simple, and better told by other games. The gameplay itself is boring, involves largely walking around and memorizing patterns, and it has little replay value. Do not recommend.

I thought I knew what overhyped meant, and then I played Undertale. It's a game that is best left in the 2010s, and is wrought with cheap story tricks to feign philosophical deepness. But I suppose that should be no surprise, coming from a person who's start was on the Homestuck team. Let's start with the mechanics. The gameplay is absolutely horrible. It's rarely fun, and when it is it's because of cheap story tricks that keep you engaged in SPITE of the underlying mechanics still being awful. The game's core challenges revolve around mastering a particular set of button presses for different characters and allow for none of your own innovation in playstyle. If you don't do it the intended way, you can't do it at all. It comes down to rote memorization of the different challenges. If you liked Guitar Hero, perhaps you'll enjoy this, but if you were hoping for interesting puzzles, any modicum of strategy, or gameplay that doesn't get stale after the first 30 minutes, you're better of looking elsewhere. Even the graphics feel uninteresting and lazy. There were better looking 16-bit games released in the 90s, and it feels like the designer tried to use the "artsy-indie-game" card as an excuse for shitty visuals.

(No spoilers here, don't worry.) Now let's talk about where the game gets, supposedly, interesting: the story. Many people take it to be revelatory in its meta-narrative, and in the twists and turns it throws at you. Yes, there are moments that deviate from what the typical hero's journey would have you expect. You are able to be consequential choices that impact the way characters relate to you later in the game. But the consequences feel hollow, and the plot could have been written by a middle-schooler who just watched The Matrix or Inception for the first time. I've seen some reviewers discuss the way it is meant to be a commentary on games, gaming, and gamer culture. They talk about the beautiful simplicity of the twists, the way in which you are supposed to identify with certain characters and be emotionally wrenched around by what you uncover so that you question your own choices and identities as a gamer. This couldn't be further from reality. The characters are never fleshed out enough to make you feel any attachment, and any interesting philosophical observations the game might hold about the relation of the player to a game's narrative and characters was told better, more succinctly, and with profoundly more gravitas in the Stanley Parable... four years earlier. 

SPOILERS IN THIS PARAGRAPH: This sentence is to make sure you don't accidentally spoil something for yourself. Read on now. The character that you are supposed to feel the most connection to, Toriel, your 'mother' of sorts, is from the beginning obviously going to be the emotional wrenching point. But even in this respect, they fail to make the stakes feel high enough, and her character complexity falls flat when it comes time to really make it shine. The whole thing with the pacifist/genocide/normal routes is, once again, a cheap trick. It doesn't buy the game any more replayability, and although some of the dialogue is different, it still feels like you are playing the same game a second and third time to no avail. Any moral lesson that one could pretend to glean from it either isn't actually as innovative as the fanbase likes to think (it has all been done by many another game, including the pacifist-option idea) OR is, once again, philosophically uninteresting. Flowey being evil is the most predictable twist, the meta-narrative of the game quitting itself is, while a clever trick, exactly that: a trick. It adds quite little to the lackluster story, which tries to convince you it has deep meaning by appealing to the most rudimentary storytelling devices. 

Overall, terrible game. While I won't discourage playing it for everyone, it is certainly not as universally lovable as it may seem from the discourse around it. It is at best a mediocre experiment in simple storytelling that should be left forgotten in the "used games" pile at your local Gamestop.
«Waste of time»
Whether you like the fandom or not, you should still play this game. It's one of the most emotional, exhilarating, funny, and compelling games of the modern age and brings an interesting spin on the turn-based RPG genre. It has one of the best modern videogame soundtracks out, and its length hits a sweet spot, being only around 6 hours for one run.
pretty much relieved that i finally felt identified with one character, napstablook I LOVE YOU PLEASE KEEP GOING SWEETIE YOUJ ARE DOING GREAT FEMIFMSEFOIMOGIMSOG
«Blew my mind»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
A masterpiece, plain and simple.
A game absolutely brimming with charm, humor, and compelling characters. Definitely worth checking out at least once for that.

Keep in mind this game was mostly made for gamers who grew up on old school RPGs so if you're younger or got into gaming later you might not find the game as fun or revolutionary. I had to stop playing around the halfway point because the battles were getting too tedious, especially since I was doing the pacifist run. But I did get some solid fun out of the game with Sans and Papyrus and don't regret getting this game for that. 
I really wanted to like this game, and at certain point I did it , but those endless boring "combats" make me wanna kill myself, and I did a lot.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Rather coincidentally, I came across Undertale via a Dorly video on Youtube. I thought it was at first some stone-old RPG from the early 90s, which somehow passed me by-but then had to realize that it's not even that old and already has a damn big Fanbase. Since I played many RPGs in my Childhood and Undertale Promised a new "pacifist" concept, I became curious and got it. I didn't really expect Much apart from a bit of fun entertainment. In fact, the Game surprised me at the Very beginning. Without wanting to spoil much, I was amazed at how you are pushed after 15-20 Minutes in the game to decisions that you (like me) regret so much emotionally that you load the old Score-and the Conscience of the Game afterwards continues to be strained by clicking on the vorh Make Decision retoenish. At the Latest at that time, the Game had me under his Spell. Playfully, the Game is a completely new Experience and I can't really comprehend most negative reviews describing the Combat System as "monotonous." In fact, I even think I've rarely experienced so much Creativity. Each Monster has a completely EIGENES Attack pattern And a completely different Approach as the Confrontation can be ended diplomatically. Yes, the Fights are based on "Random Encounters," but they Are so limited, in my opinion, that they never become disruptive. In fact, the Fight here is not even so in Focus-or at least not in the "Pacifist Run." That's also one Thing: I haven't played the "Genocide Run" yet, and I may never do it. Not because I find the Game already boring, but because the Characters have actually grown so close to my Heart that I can hardly imagine going through here a second Time, just to slaughter these whole Characters. Hence my Tip: If you are someone who sometimes likes to be taken with you emotionally by pixelated Figures, then the "Genocide Run" Prefers to play first-or not at all. I Had before, but after the first major Altercation I didn't feel like killing anymore. The Story of the Game is extremely simple, but purposeful and beautifully presented. The pixel look is not always a Feast For the Eyes in some Dungeons, but the Villages in particular are full Of details-and almost always the Optics Harmonize with the Mood to be created at the Moment. The herorine 16-Bit music, which is pretty much one of the best I know from this division, also contributes to this. Unbelievable how long I've had partial Earworms from the Songs and I'm seriously considering whether I'm slamming on the Soundtrack. Allusion Tip: "Spider Dance" (my Favorite). In my Opinion, the Humour of the Game is by no means as Meme-based as is always often said here. I'm really not up-to-date about the current meme culture, but most of The jokes have come to mind nonetheless. I think it's just funny on their way-and not on The basis of any Memes. Of course, the Humour isn't a First-rate Thrustout now, but it keeps making you Chuckle-because everything is just so beautifully, imaginatively and charmingly performed. The Game isn't necessarily insanely long, but it tells what it wants to tell, in a reasonable Amount of Time. Of course, this Length cannot be compared to various Japanese RPGs from the 90s, where you could sometimes sit 5-10 times as long-but what you should unnecessarily dilute such a great Experience with so many creative Ideas by being excessive in length. Attracts? It's still one of the best RPGs I've ever been allowed to play for me. Little Fun Fact on The Edge: The Idea of creating a World where Monsters and People have to live together and people are, so TO speak, the real MONSTERS is not entirely new and, in my Opinion, VERY of The 90s RPG "Soleil" or "Crusader of Centy" (Sega Mega Drive/ Genesis), which has innumerable Parallels. Moreover, this is a very simple but nevertheless recommended RPG. If You like RPGs and You are not averse to Pixeloptik, you can't go wrong at All at Undertale.