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RAGE 2 review
by DedalusG

This is gonna be a weird review because I have to insult the game to get across why I like it.

It feels like the game has two paragraphs of story for the entire world so you can skip every bit of text in the game and not feel lost. Exploration of a point of interest is literally a checklist so 99% of what you do is "Clear out area>finish objective>find the hidden loot" and since there's like a 100+ locations in the game you're gonna be doing that a lot.

All that being said: Rage 2 is the perfect podcast game. The actual gunplay is super tight and the powers facilitate rushing into enemies to smash, crash and throw them around. I got so into the mindless grind that I couldn't wait to get home everyday to listen to my favorite podcasts and veg out for 5+hours at a time.

It sounds kinda mean, but Rage 2 is at its best when you ignore what it's trying to say to you and just play around with the mechanics.
«Sit back and relax»

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Enjoyable open-world FPS with competent fast-paced gameplay which is satisfying.interesting story and great graphics underrated game.
I never stopped wishing Rage 2 was the game the marketing team got to play. They apparently got something colorful, bombastic and action packed. I got a Far Cry in the dessert with pink crates. Serviceable and forgettable.
VERY tight and enjoyable gunplay, okay story, and some glaring issues with bugs and the length of the game. There's some unfinished areas of the game that are clearly placeholders for DLC. Overall, I enjoyed it, but I got it on sale.
Good combat, but really nothing else.