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Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE review
by Uneducated_Reviews

For a game with a lot of personality as TMS#FE its main characters don't have a lot of it, but somehow or kind of #FE manages for you to feel for them, in the end, I kinda had a rush of nostalgia true the epilogue, like saying goodbye to true friends. If you like RPGs and Idols or at least anime style idols i think this combination is a made in heaven, but if you dislike at least one of those you better stay away. The story is as generic as a lot of the modern FE stories but what truly shines is the combat, is so addictive till it gets old at the very end, the customization of skills is pretty deep and you will invest a lot of time on this system (for the better or the worse), the thing is that this part of the game is clunky as hell, picture yourself in a dungeon then grind a lot, then go back to the main hub to upgrade your skills, then go to the dungeon and grind, then repeat, it would be great that you could do that on the go but no. There's a lot of grinding so if you mind that kind of thing also stay away, also the music was a hit or miss for me, not my kind of music but some tunes were really cool. As for the things that invested me aside of the combat system where the sidequests, every sidequest has a cinematic reward with like a performance about one of the main characters and some of them are amazing or hilarious, also the presentation is amazing, but I can see a lot of people hating it or loving it. In the end, it was a very fun RPG with some interesting turns on the combat formula and presentation but not much on the story and character department to really shine like a star.