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I think this game gives a nice closure (and a real nice plot twist in the end) to a somehow good but sterile trilogy. The themes are interesting and the sidequests for the most part are interesting as well, I also love how they manage to merge story and gameplay, which leads to my first issue; the gameplay is very fun and the fact that you level up doing sidequests not killing enemies is a nice welcome, also, I really like how you feel the clock ticking, it gives you focus and a sense of urge, the thing is that by the 9th day I have finished every available quest and by that day things feel kinda repetitive. It feels very Majora's Mask inspired but it has its own twist, the idea of a society that has lived for 500 years and the implications it has is really cool.
«That ending!»

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i dont understand english and i cant play it 
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Product received for free Deutarly Better than Final Fantasy 13 but slightly worse than Final Fantasy 13-2 that's clear. How many Final Fantasy Parts do I have through now? Should have been about over 17 now. -----------------------Good: + Good use of the jump system so I always rate postively since it expands the gameplay while At Fantasy 13 it was automatic and 13-2 unfortunately semi-automatic. (Hyperdimension Neptunia Re; Birth Series is a good Example of how pointless the feature can be used) + Combat System makes laune of course still with atb system + Very light game at least on easy (I defeated caius right away without cheats) + All The costumes, customization options + 1080p (Fantasy 13-2 had only 720p) + over 50 Sidequests + 3 Endings, New Game +-------------------------Bath:-FPS DROPS, Fast Perfect Port really! If there were not the FPS DROPS there are the short permanent harmless area-related drops which quickly jump back to 60 high because of something you shouldn't howl guys that's in order, but there are the lausher random variety that pull over the complete game ka Nn, it could be during a cuscene, mission to explore, menu, but rarely in the fight 30-45FPS.that is then the purest ruckel party zb at the snow mission with fire-combustus wars sometimes worst is some cutscenes as shamed, while repeating (save load) The same cutscenes gabs then did not lay a single, you could almost mean something wrong with the game. Or nvidia problem. Graphics about the same as the other 2 predecessors, but many npc have ps2 textures. -With Fantasy 13-2 gabs the many dialog options that are completely omitted here at lightning, this doesn't really go a shame anyway. -No one Really likes the time System? The only one where I used cheats was time freeze (ok and something gil to speed up the grind and one hit at the end boss after 3 fails I lost the patience) was at day 6 and solved the most sidequests and all the main quest, chronostatis I never used well ... Surely there is more time left than thought. -No Spectacular Boss battles as were relatively few at 13-2 ° wenns) hops, Funker Gequassel Turns out to be extremely inappropriate! Hope gives many well-intentioned tips but only when an Opponent is scarce in front of a spwant or time, full of besb you never really get to read them when you refer to the dialogues. -The Combat System makes laune yet every costume is only provable with 4 skills would be better you could block, parry, dodge sometimes best features, but otherwise quite lean, quick-time events should also have been added,----------------of course here Also thumb up how can it be different, once squaresoft fan always ahhhh ... I my square-enix fan ♥ ♥ result = square enix best rpg developers. ♥ ♥ ♥