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NieR:Automata review
by XV

Pretty much everything about this game is incredible: music, gameplay, story, etc. Even the sidequests are very interesting per se. But for me the thing that stands out the most is that it knows that is a videogame and knows what kind of things can be done only in this medium (as much as I like Last of Us it feels that it wants so hard to be a movie), it blends perfectly gameplay and storytelling in such a brilliant way that at the end I was so moved on that I could not sleep. Is hard to think that this comes after such a flawed game like Drakgengard 3 (which I really like but it's just kind of bad) but I guess that Platinum have an important role in that huge leap. On the negative side, I felt the combat system too simple, feels more like a God of War than Devil May Cry and the difficulty spikes are just ridiculous. I played normal for the most part but the thing played almost itself but when switching to hard it was like x5 times harder, I mean there's a Very Hard difficulty which pretty much everything one hits you but I would really liked to have something in the middle of Normal - Hard. Anyway, a masterpiece.
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
«That ending!»
«Beaten more than once»
«OST on repeat»

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Review In Progress:
Interesting start to the game. The half old school bits at the beginning were fun. So far there is something about the style of the game I actually kind of like but don’t really know why. 

The music in this game is shooting for super epic. It’s this large peaceful Japanese music at times. It’s a big epic piece next. It’s like a Japanese lord of the rings soundtrack. That’s what they are going for. They are going for a big fantasy sci fi feel. It fits.

This game has been very peaceful to begin. It’s calming. The combat is relatively simple but oddly satisfying. I don’t know why I like the visual style. It isn’t like the graphics are good, but it hasn’t something to it that I think looks nice.

Current Score: B+
my heart aches
«Blew my mind»
«That ending!»
just iconic
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
Nier: Automata on PS4 was a treat. Great graphics, load times, and the OST was one of the best of 2017. I have only played through once but was surprised to see that there is much more content to be had. The combat was unique, responsive ,and I loved the bullet hell action RPG elements. Camera angles were a pain in the ass but having suffered through the N64 era of games I didn't let that stop me from loving Nier. Now I just need to dig back in and see what the next play-through has to offer.
NieR Automata PC Review (Finished on January 19,.2020)

+Achievements can be purchased with in game currency. (But you need to clear the game three times)
+Combat mechanism (Is like the best of Devil May Cry and Bayonetta, but refined to the atmosphere of the game). +Customization and fusion of the plug-in chips.

+Gives a very important message on mistakes the meaning of life.

+Multiple ending depending on action taken. (Ending goes from A to Z).


+New game plus show missing parts not shown on the first play depending on the ending obtained.

+Rail shooting segments.
+Voice acting quality.

-Cutscenes are rendered in 30 fps.
-Game switch to window mode when Alt+Tab, forcing the player to activate full screen upon return.

-Map design.
-Mouse visible during gameplay, even when playing on controller.
-No Autosave.

-Side quests quality. (Although a great majority of them leave a really good message to apply in real life).
Exceptional Story
«Blew my mind»
«That ending!»
It's grown on me from being something great to being more of exceptional experience that every gamer should have.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
My Conclusion of the Game is below, if the detailed Text here is too long, and you roughly want to have the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Game listed. Plot NieR: Automata™ takes place in the post-apocalyptic World of the Year 11945. The Earth was long ago attacked by extraterrestrial Life forms that carried out their Invasion using Machine Beings, forcing humanity to retreat to the Moon. The Game tells the Story Of the Combat Android 2B, which, along with the Reconnaissance Android 9S, is sent to Earth to fight against these Machine beings and try to reclaim the Earth. And that Story, in my Opinion, tells it pretty well. There are many surprising Twists, and by Playing more than one Character, you can look at the Story From multiple Angles. However, the Main Hanger Of the last Chapters seems somewhat posed or forced. He's just there because the dramatic Plot demands it, not because he's plausible. Or I overlooked something. Gameplay NieR: Automata™ is a Hack ' n ' slash adventure with Role-playing Elements in an open World. In this one fights against the Machine System, performs Side missions of NPCs or goes fishing. The Combat System works flawlessly. You can equip two Weapons from a total of four different Categories, with which you can beult the Body to the Machine System. In addition, one is accompanied by a floating pod, which provides Long-range Support at The Touch of a button. The Control obeys the Word, and the Commands are implemented quickly and reliably. Also interspersed In the Game are passages in which-similar To a Vertical Shooter-you control a Flight Unit through enemy Airspace. This is especially used for large Bosses, which makes this Fight feel even more intense. The Game has several Endings that only gradually open up when you play the Game several times. There are also some bad Endings, which, however, should be seen more as a Hoax, as you get to see most of them if you do the complete Opposite of what common Sense would advise you to do. Atmosphere Graphically, NieR: Automata™ can be seen. The Screenshots speak for themselves, and the Use of matte Colors reinforces the melancholy atmosphere that runs through the whole Game. The Soundtrack has been fantastically successful. Whether exploring an abandoned desert City, or an intense Boss fight in a Theater, the Music highlights the Situation ideally. Through this, too, the Game gets its oppressively melancholy basic Tone. This Basic Tone is also conveyed by the Story that encourages the Player to Think about what constitutes an Consciousness, or what the Meaning of Life actually is. Verdict/TL; DR NieR: Automata™ is an action-heavy hack ' n ' slash game in excellent Implementation. The melancholy basic Mood generated by the Plot, which makes one think, is loosened up by brilliantly Staged boss fights and underlined by a fantastical Soundtrack. Clear Recommendation on my part.
Really impressive, nice to play a game with good writing after a lot of what I've been playing recently. I wish the combat had a bit more depth than it did, but it carried itself enough to get through it all.
«OST on repeat»
Must play, criminally underrated, great OST
Beautiful gameplay and graphic design. Storyboard is very cool.