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Control review
by ChallahBread

I joined this website just so I could rate Control. Quantum Break was ok, just ok, and it got a novel and TV episodes meanwhile this lovechild between X-Files and Men In Black (while Eyes Wide Shut was watching from behind a curtain (that didn't exist and yet was in the room)) didn't? Ugh, not cool, Remedy. And yet very cool. You learn and explore with Faden as she does know more than you but only by so much and the things/events you witness/engage that are meant to be hidden from the outside/real world are so strange and compelling that the aesthetic and narrative delivery devices more than make up for samey shooting. I'm starting to think Control is better than Max Payne in terms of what I respect Remedy for making more and I can't fucking wait for the DLC. If only just to watch/be Faden navigate through the Oldest House some more. Also, like QB, 80% of the writing is found in the bevy of optional collectibles which are honestly worth reading if you've 1000'd the game and need more. In a year where we got REmake 2, Ace Combat 7, Toejam and Earl and other great titles, I feel like I was proudest of experiencing this weird, weird thing.
«Blew my mind»

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«Sit back and relax»
Great cinematica, the gameplay is average
fuck this
As a huge art-house film fan, I imagine this is probably how my friends feel when I strongly encourage them to watch a film that shook me to my core that they can acknowledge it's made very well, but completely does not affect them. Control, on paper, is a great stylistic and thematic game. But the dull venues, repetitive combat and frustrating side missions through me off of it. The good news is I played it for Free thanks to PS+ and maybe someday I'll come back to it.
Definitely worth a go. Was glad it came onto gamepass as it was on my 'to play' list for a while. Really interesting setting and execution. Combat is decent but very frustrating at times. I can see why they added 'assist' mode and without it I probably would have rage quit long before the end.
Really enjoyed the narrative and MC though and the Ashtray maze was definitely a highlight.
Tried this because it was on PSN and I only had 15 days to beat it. I played it every day to the point where the world started popping up in my dreams. Intuitive gameplay, haunting visual, story remains cohesive while dealing with supernatural elements. Really great.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
Probably one of my favourite game ever. Everything is so cerebral and complicated and then they hit you in the face with the Ashtray Maze. Masterpiece
Stunning in every regard
so dont expect a full package. Just expect a an arena shooter inside csp confiment facility and u will have a lot of fun. Some things are bad ( scenario, the fake promise of ending etc etc ....) but what is here it at least to do once. the environment will blew your mind at leats 10 time. The ambiance sound graphism acting all is top notch. (except scenario andf fighting). The only flaw of this game is maybe a the fighting system that can t be push too hard and it s kinda borring at some point but except that the scenario ( it sell really well but doesnt give any resolution ) and the last mission being underwelming the package is great. Remedy like always will play with you and that feeling is great and they totally know when to pull it or not. if it s your first remedy game go !!!!
«Blew my mind»
«OST on repeat»