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Halo 5: Guardians review
by xXWoodinatorXx

I don’t remember the campaign at all at this point. But I remember thinking it wasn’t great. The multilayer on the other hand I absolutely loved. I liked the early stages of the war zone mode. It maybe started some bad gaming industry habits but I can’t deny that it was really fun. Then the arena multiplayer was also just as good, probably better. I played halo 5 when it came out a lot. 

I stopped for a year or maybe two. And then I picked it up again and played some more halo for a couple weeks. It was still fun and lots of new maps and game modes were there. Then I stopped again until I think last summer, where I once again started playing all the halos. All the halos are still really really fun arcade shooters. Nothing has done a good job replicating what halo does for an arcade multiplayer. Name another shooter that has the same arcade feeling to it that’s even close to this level (for multiplayer, don’t say doom).

I’ll probably pick up the halos again before halo infinite comes out. It seems likely.

I picked them up again. Halo 5 still feels great. It’s an amazing shooter. Playing the campaign on legendary with 2 other people was a fun way to do it.

Final Score: A

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