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Marvel's Spider-Man review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Okay there are so many good things about this game and one minor negative. First the good.

The map traversal is easily the best that’s ever been done. Just swinging around the map is fun for so long. I never do collectables in games. I do challenges but not collectables because I don’t think they are fun just finding hidden areas by aimlessly walking around. But in Spider-Man because the web slinging is so damn good I found every one just so that I could swing around for a bit longer. I completed every challenge in this game except the normal street crime because it takes too long to come up. The combat and unexpected stealth aspect is so good as well. The suits are cool in concept and there are some good ones but one minor complaint is that more than half are pretty dumb. Which leads to the other side of the complaint which is that the story isn’t great and there are not enough epic boss fights. Instead it has some non spider parts that aren’t horrible but they are worse than every other part of the game. So it’s always a low point. It needed one more Boss fight at least and probably 2. The only reason that Batman Arkham Knight is better than this Spider-Man is because the story and atmosphere is much better than Spider-Man.  Everything else is pretty close. Spider-Man is absolutely a top tier game.

Final Score: A

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My first eher platinum trophy - That says everything about the game!
Probably the best superhero game I've played. Webswinging is on point and the story is actually engaging
«Sit back and relax»
Of course it’s dope. I’ll be playing until I get MM.
An excellent PlayStation exclusive.  Spider-Man takes the Arkham formula, and makes just enough tweaks to really be its own game.  What really makes the game shine is it’s commitment to the characters of both Peter Parker AND Spider-Man, and the fluidity of movement during web-slinging and action.  It just...feels...right.  
«Blew my mind»
Great voice acting, bosses and mechanics are amazing, and it has a compelling story with and an emotional ending.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
What a brilliant game, you can see the love insomniac has for the IP when you play this gem.
Spiderman PS4 is the first superhero game I had played in a while and suffice to say it was quite a treat.
I actually think the story in this game blows away any spiderman films, it's honestly that good.
New York is brilliantly designed and fun to mess around in. THE WEB SWINGING is a joy, I'm so glad they nailed that. 
Gameplay is good, I wasn't expecting anything super deep but it was surprisingly fun to play, the dodge slow down kinda reminded me of bayonetta sometimes. Once you have all your gadgets equipped and are familiar with the game, the combat becomes surprisingly deep, you can use the environment as a source of attack and defence, the gadgets can be used together to pull of some cool combos and you truly feel like spiderman. Upgrades are well implemented and useful, and are unlocked steadily throughout the game. There are a variety of suits available and more you unlock during the game, no microtransaction bs here. The art design suits the game so well and the graphics are stellar. Voice acting is brilliant and witty. I absolutely adored J Jonah Jamesons bits in this game, the VA is so good and his dialogue is so hilarious in its absurdity. The atmosphere is brilliant throughout and keeps you on your toes.

In terms of criticism
Boss fights are more style than substance, which tbh I feel suits the game, but if you were hoping for some challenge here there isn't one really, unless you ramp up the difficulty to the highest setting and even then...
I enjoyed all of the boss fights, even though they weren't the greatest in terms of game play, the story and atmosphere around the bosses was very well done. Fighting electro and vulture together was really fun, the scorpion boss fight was really interesting and the final fight with Doc Ock was a spectacle. Normally I do prefer challenging games but this game has a certain charm that really takes me back to ps2 days.
Stealth sections with MJ can get quite tiresome, same with miles but i guess they're a nice break from the action. 
Some of the side quests can get quite repetitive and there's not much variety, however there's plenty to keep you busy, and because i enjoyed the combat so much and swinging through NY i really didn't care
DLC is nothing special but if you enjoyed the base game it's more of the good stuff with some extra challenge, so why not eh?

«Can’t stop playing»
Best Spider-man game in history
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
Insomniac has created a masterclass in movement and video game cinematography. Fighting is just badass and running around New York City is a blast to see Marvel Easter eggs all over. The story is rich and engaging, but good lord the MJ and Miles are so boring and make me want to toss my PS4 into a ditch.
gott gameplay en half assed saga
Wonderful story, mechanics and a shit ton of fun
«Blew my mind»
«Beaten more than once»