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Hunt: Showdown review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Hunt: Showdown is very unique and when everything is going right it’s absolutely amazing. The tough part is that it is hard to get everything to go right. The atmosphere and vibe to this game is incredible. You’re a bounty hunter in 1890s Louisiana with monsters and other bounty hunters all duking it out. That’s a great set up. It’s a game where guns are slow to fire and you need to make the shots count. One of the interesting things this game does is the “sound traps”. This game put a huge emphasis on sound. It’s impossible to play without a headset. You hear the enemy gunshots which give you a sense of their location and you also listen for enemies accidentally running over broken glass, splashing in water, running by crows or chickens or dogs or a half killed horse which all make noise and a keen hunter uses that to their advantage. You need to be aware of your surroundings to win. And it’s hard to win.

There are plenty of guns and perks and equipment in this game. There are only two maps but the environment is very well done so I don’t feel like it needs another map at the moment. The main flaw to this game is the lack of enemy variety. There are only about 5 fancy roaming enemies and only 3 boss enemies. All the enemies are good but the variety is lacking.

The feeling you get when you kill a couple bounty hunters and make off with the bounty is special. I’ve barely done it because it’s hard to do but when it happens you remember what makes this game so good. It is also worth mentioning I only played this game solo. So I was very often competing against squads of 2 or 3 which makes it all that much more challenging. This is the type of game that having a squad you are communicating with is a huge help but I was able to kill of entire squads on occasion so it is not impossible if you play solo, just an added challenge.

Final Score: A-

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The setting of the game is very attractive, the graphics are good, it is very pleasant to shoot from weapons, the donation does not affect the gameplay in any way. The only negative from my point of view is the optimization.

Сеттинг игры очень привлекательный, графика хорошая, стрелять из оружия очень приятно, донат никак не влияет на геймплей. Единственный минус с моей точки зрения это оптимизация.
While the game still suffers from performance issues and lots of collision/hit-box reg issues.
It's still a gem to lose lots of time on with friends.
«Better with friends»
«Can’t stop playing»
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review The horror smflat landscape with variously designed Locations and Wild West weapon equipment is a pleasantly unused setting. The dark Style and chic Graphics come into their own Especially in the Night missions with their dim Lighting as well as in and around the numerous, crumbled Buildings. The sound design and especially the spatial sound location are excellent! Most of The Time, you can specify exactly where you heard Gunshots, how far away they were and with which weapon was probably shot:-) Just As Steps on broken Glass, Clipping chains, startled Ravens ... Easing noise is at least as important As Watching the Environment accurately. In no other Game have I experienced such precise sound tracking. Every Lap is extremely exciting from the first to the last minute, as death can wait for one in every dark Corner and bush and thus the Hunter And all Its equipment could be lost. There's a lot to learn about how to move around the World and when to proceed like. New tactical Decisions are constantly to be made that determine life and Death very directly. In every Round you learn-well or badly-to do so. Perma-Death is relentless and also frustrating, but also the Reason why the Game is just SO exciting. The sense of team and Success is outstanding! Together with a Friend, it's an ingenious Co-op experience! So far, the Content has been manageable. So there is only one medium-sized Map, but it plays out in a variety of ways. Even after more than 100 Hours Of play, you will still discover Details and Corners that have not been noticed before. In addition, there are enough motivating Factors to want to stay on the Ball. Goals, however, are more or less set for oneself; For example, improve the K/D, reach level 100, bring Hunter to Level 50, create ' Running the Gauntlet ', etc. Achievments/Special Rewards, more Boss monsters and more maps, however, would be desirable in the medium/long term and are partly already announced. Due to the early access status, new changes, additional Content and Bug Fixes are coming regularly. Meanwhile, the Game is running stable, even if there are still Bugs here and there. Because of the always high Tension and the superior team and The Feeling of success, a clear Recommendation.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review Unfortunately, some Reviews may not quite follow. That's why I write my Opinion on the Game and some other Reviews: On PVE/PVP: I read more often that many complain about the PVP Part. But This one belongs to the Game and the Game is also touted with PVP. I therefore do not know why some complain that you can't play DECENT PVE because of the other Players. Without the PVP Part, the Game would be more than boring. The PVE and PVP Mix in particular makes this Shooter so different and exciting. Theme Camper: Of Course there Are Campers. They can be found in almost every Multiplayer Shooter. BUT: It's not, definitely not as many as it's always shouted out! There are Players who travel over the Map, make every Zombie as loud as possible, scare everything on Crows and horses and have to blow up every Barrel, make Bells, glass, Sheet metal etc. sound. Then often the other Players come sneaked in, wait for a favorable Opportunity and make those away. So it is very often the Case and already is shouted: CAMPER. As I said, there are Certainly Campers, but not as many as it is always portrayed. And camping can also be described as a Tactic, and I maintain that this one is not very successful. The Clues are set differently, so you can also guard 40min a Clue to watch Possibly times enemies. In addition, the Maps were rebuilt with the last Patch, making it more and more difficult for the Campers to see certain Places. FPS/Performance: The Game needs it neatly. Still, the last patches have done the Game very good. I play with a fairly old System (i5-3570K@4,2ghz, 32gb ddr3, gtx1060) and still create 65-80 FPS on Medium. The Game runs fluidly. Bugs/Bugs: For an EA Version, I think it's going really well. I've had other EA before where really nix went. You sometimes have Flaws with the Invite system. Also every now and then mouse Pointer Error, which does not go away and here and there small Graphics errors etc. But this one doesn't happen that often (at least with me and my Fellow Player). Crytek has to be credited with trying hard and "working with" The Com. All in all, this Game is something completely different from the whole through zombie Games. If you really just want PVE solo, you're clearly wrong here. You do your PVE Part HERE, but with an OHR for PVP throughout. And this is exactly what makes it completely different and distinguishes, as already mentioned. I can recommend this Game (in Relation to EA).
Finally a game about zombies that adds something new to the genre. Great work, Crytek! It’s a fun and addicting pvp game you will definitely enjoy.  
The latest update crashed the game’s sound and now you can’t hear your teammates next to you. Better wait for a patch or choose another title.  
«Buggy as hell»