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Grand Theft Auto V review
by Brett kemp

Great game love the story the graphics are outstanding and I thought the game looked good on the Xbox 360 and ps3 but wow even after all these years the game is still going strong.i thought that the 3 main character thing wouldn't have worked out that good but they managed to do it I got to say though I still prefer playing one character over multiple but that's good for this game because that's what makes it stick out over other massive titles as well.i love and hate some of the gameplay in my opinion Rockstar games could have done way better with the shooting mechanics like it works but It's bland compared to other AAA game that they made in the past for instance gta4 to rdr1 and max Payne 3 those title had very rememberable shooting after everyone is done with gta 5 nobody is going to look back on this game and say oh wow the shooting was awesome compared to other titles Rockstar has on to the driving for me it's a yes it's very enjoyable.then on to the cops I feel like Rockstar could have gone better they should have took after gta 4 for this one the cops are way to brutal they just start shooting at you I have read articles about other players being arrested in this game but out of the 4 times I've played through the story I've never once had a cop not try to kill me and to sort of go back to the driving and shooting it feels like the cops are way to overpowered when driving I was testing out different cars and trucks to see which one is the easiest way to overpower the cops and for some reason cops can overpower a semi and I thought wow that is very unrealistic and I absolutely hate how they will go Infront of your car and just break check the heck out of you and when you try to find a different direction to get out of it they know exactly what your next move is very annoying and they are very hard to escape the best spot that I still find to be the best way to lose the cops is underneath the train tracks by the barber shop in Franklin area that he first starts and back to the shooting it might be just me but it absolutely bothers me how good of shots the AI is it seems like they came out of the movie wanted because they are very good at curving bullet and seem to have eagle eyes because they can shoot you with a pistol or shotgun from a mile away.and to continue with the story mode I like how the 3 main characters each have their own unique special like Michael has the slow motion shooting Franklin has the slow motion driving and Trevor has the rage mode very cool and they each have their own specific clothes and walk style the only thing that drives me crazy is how they all have the same fighting style I find that to be annoying and the fighting isn't that good either like it's predecessor gta 4 one of the best games for hand to hand fighting today in my opinion. And another thing that I wish they would have done with the story was in previous gta games the main character Always got paid after doing every mission this drove me crazy in gta v it made it feel very unopen world for a while we had the freedom to drive and walk around the map but for doing stuff there was not alot to do like for instance Franklin starts out with like 300 dollars what can you get in gtav with that That's like buying ammo and your done and Michael isn't any better he only starts out with I think 9800 dollars it just made the game feel really dead until your able to do the jewelry heist mission then it take you to Trevor why did we have to progress that much in the story just to unlock the tattoo shop?it's a very impressive story but a very boring world there is some activities such as golf tennis drinking and movie theater that only plays 2 boring movies like the first 2 times is like ok that was cool and then after that you really don't ever want to watch those again the one thing I was really hoping Rockstar would have done with the game was add some dlcs to it like extra missions and cars or clothes and please add more songs to the radio.And for the moment everyone likes to hear about is the online when it first came out it was a nightmare a bland world with absolutely nothing to do then later on Rockstar added some activities like parachuting and a couple of races wich at that time was the best way to make money was racing and still is today if your good at it I love and hate online today for this game I like the cars the clothes the tattoos the businesses the driving but the players do tend to keep me away most days now it was good when everyone was out to help everyone because they wanted to make money as well but then one day Rockstar decided to create a little thing call shark cards and then they outrageously increased the economy in the game now things started becoming more expensive and online missions and activities were starting not to hand out alot of money everything became and still is a grind then players decided to steal mom and dad's credit card and buy up all the shark card they could get and then now their bored and don't want to do the work and grind anymore so those players decided to start flying around on bikes and jets and helicopters and blow everything up all the time and make harder and unenjoyable for others who are and were still can't afford to buy shark cards there are private sessions but the thing that sucks is you can't do business missions without being in a public session so it made it very useless to have those in the game and if your going to keep the game going strong the least Rockstar could do is keep updating the radio stations and fix their servers and loading times and hopefully in next upcoming titles will add sessions for players who want to blowup and shoot each other all day and for players who want to make money and for players who can do all of that with specific friend in a private public session lobby great game with horrible online thank you for reading and I hope that this post is helpful for those who have not or have played this game.
«I could make it better»

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The game is good, but not perfect. The world is vast and interesting, but too scripted (in particular, constantly recurring "random events"). The plot is not without flaws either. The plot is excellent and at first it seems that everything is great, but then you realize that there is a lot not implemented in this game. For example, Franklin has not been given due attention. You are given only one mission "a la San Andreas", and then they flush his line down the toilet. Trevor is good, but his line quickly slides down as soon as he arrives in town. Michael has a single sustained line, but very standard and cliched. The robberies are surprising at first, but by the 3rd robbery they start to get boring. Overall a cult game, but with a lot of hidden problems.
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Finally got to to play this game. I get why people contest this with GTA IV for the best gta game. But frankly both are entirely on different spectrums. GTA IV is more grounded and lets you connect with the protagonist more. In GTA V, its all about over the top scenarios and high octane action sequences.  
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It looks fantastic and it plays smoothly. Trevor, Michael and Franklin are fun characters with great interactions. The story is pretty good and has tons of great missions.
More than a worthy sequel to the franchise
yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooit good
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«Can’t stop playing»
I only recommend half of this game. If you're interested in primarily the online, do not get your hopes up. It is extremely grindy and monetized like a free to play game. Most missions are bland and largely not worth doing from both a reward and fun perspective. Lobbies are also plagued with griefers and hackers.

Now onto the good half, story mode. Story mode offers a fun narrative with decent set pieces. The structure of the game does feel dated though. I know the game is called Grand theft Auto but there is so much brain dead driving back and forth, only being made somewhat bearable when dialogue is happening. Almost every mission, you need to drive to, then watch a cutscene, then drive somewhere else to do some shooting (or some other set piece); rinse and repeat. However, when you are not doing an excessive amount of driving, the missions are pretty enjoyable. Side missions though are a mixed bag. Some are good and others you're driving a slow tow truck to cover someone's job. Despite, all my gripes I still had a very good time with this game and I'd like to attribute this to the larger than life characters, heists, and set pieces.
«Beaten more than once»